Friday, May 2, 2008

Long time. No blog.

It has been a crazy, but great birthday week.

Thursday- I went to Red Robin for my free birthday burger. To make it extra special they gave food poisoning to my 2 friends- but not to me. The best birthday present EVER!

Friday- I enjoyed a 3 hour break with no students- they went to experience High School. So nice.

Saturday- Trip to Philadelphia. It was supposed to be an Amazing Race challenge with the Philly YSA branch. It wasn't too amazing. Wasn't really a race. And there were about 15 Philly members and about 80 from our ward. But I partook of my first Philly Cheesesteak from Geno's. "wit whiz".

Sunday- my roommate had a little birthday bash for me. Highlight has to be this sweet Disney Princess birthday crown I received.

my birthday- Only a couple of my students knew it was my birthday. One class sang to me. That was fun. I found out I have the same birthday as one of my students. I would have had a party if I knew that before. I did let her go to the bathroom though. Ha.
Some teachers had a "meeting" that I was invited to. They had a delicious breakfast waiting for me.
For Family Home Evening, they had a super duper Canada Day party in honor of my birthday. We played "Canadian Charades" and "The Answer is Canada". With "Canadian Banana Splits" for the treat. Fun times.

Tuesday- was my final Wilton Level 2 cake decorating class. Here is my final cake. The flowers are made of Royal Icing so they can be used again. And again. And again. Don't look too close at the basket weave.
an FHE meeting with my 2 FHE partners. I think we did more talking than planning.

Thursday- My friend Viddy took me out for my first Gyro. It had fries in it. HELLO! And my roomie took me out for ice cream. Arrived home in time to watch the Office. I love Pam's back up glasses. Ha ha!

Friday- I was just telling some friends yesterday how I rarely get sick. Today my throat started hurting. And I think I am dying. Must be from old age.

For the last 4 years my parents have sent me the same thing for my birthday. A card that reads:

which is giving me permission to use my credit card for "emergencies" to buy something for myself. I haven't bought myself anything yet. Any suggestions?


Andrea said...

Wow- what a week. Sounds like a lot of fun.
I think you should buy a new car. haha. Hmm.. the possibilities are limitless.
Enjoy! hope you feel better. Old age does strange things.

shaniqua said...

thanks for rubbing the food poisoning thing in my face. have you no love for me and my baby?!?

as far as what you should buy...maybe ribbon (c:

and good job with the leelou blog template! i was hoping you'd be smart enough to figure it out. mwaaahahahahaha!!

Kristi said...

maybe you should buy ribbon! haha. what a week you had. good times.

Mikaela said...

Okay, you make me sick! You're so talented. Your cake looks AWESOME! I'm jealous of your abilities.

Also, love the new look of the blog. I especially love how your shirt seems to match it! Did you plan that on purpose?

That stinks about your friends getting food poisoning from RR. I'm so glad you gave me that link so now I'll get free b-day burgers Yum!

I love the card from your parents. I wonder if your mom buys a big stack of cards, writes in them, then waits to mail them year after year! haha! j/k!

I also need to get my rear in gear and send off the little something, something I have for you. Sorry I STILL haven't done it!

Glad your b-day week was so eventful! Oh, and you look so cute! Your hair's way cute! LOVE YA Shell!