Sunday, July 23, 2006

Maritimes part 2

Once again... sorry for the sideways pictures!
Peggy's Cove- I LOVE this place. I was a little ticked (even though it was my third time) because they were painting it the entire time we were there. I had to position myself so a rock was covering the painters! I could seriously just sit on the rocks and watch the waves for HOURS! ANd one of the best lighthouses in the world... okay maybe just the ones I have seen which really isn't that many!

This was at Citadel Hill in Halifax. It was pretty neat to learn the history and such... I really am not into history but am thinking I better shape up as I have been asked by so many Americans about Canadian history and politics... and I just sound like a dumb Canadian. A lady sitting next to me on my flight home at Christmas was reading "British History for Dummies." I think I need to find the Canadian one... I'll add it to my reading list!
Statue of Liberty- the first time I went to NYC, we just went on the Staten Island ferry- fun, neat and free! When my parents and I headed home from our trip, we stopped on the New Jersey side and went to Ellis and Liberty Island. I had reserved our tickets online- that is the way to do it if you ever go! Apparently that is the ONLY way to get tickets to go inside lady liberty! We thought about selling our free tickets to the tons of people who were looking for them... but we couldn't give them up! This is a picture from the deck just below her feet. It is a different but ,I think, cool perspective!

The Maritimes Rock!

If you haven't been to the Maritimes... you MUST go! It is amazing. Here are some highlights of our trip! New Brunswick... not the most exciting province but we did find some things to see and do!
Moncton is home of Magnetic hill... this picture doesn't do it justice- I have video of it that I will have to try and post... You drive down to the bottom of the hill and pull over by the white stick, put your car in neutral and your car totally drives in reverse up the hill! All you have to do is steer. It is the coolest thing EVER! I don't get how it works but it does. There were about 4 other cars there and we just kept taking turns doing it again and again. FUN!
Hopewell Rocks- about 30 minutes south of Moncton- you go during low tide and you can walk on the ocean floor. Some spots were pretty muddy. I was wearing flipflops and they both got stuck in the mud. They were like suction cups getting them out! I was a mess at the end but it was fun. There are my parents amongst the "flower pots".

PEI- a MUST see! Of course we went to Anne of Green Gables. It is really quite confusing though because this is just where Lucy Maud Montgomery lived growing up and they think she based the story of Anne on this house... they had the Haunted forest and Lovers Lane that you could walk through. I must say that I am now a big Anne fan. I am currently reading Anne of Windy Poplars (book 4). Maybe I should say I am a big Gilbert fan! I have also watched all the movies since I have been home. Pathetic... I know!
Cape Breton- AWESOME! I want to go back in the fall. It was a little foggy in parts but still totally worth it. It took us about 4 hours to drive the Cabot trail with a few stops at scenic views and such. It is a big National Park so they have camping and trails and stuff. A MUST see!
I LOVE this picture. Ha ha! I took this of my parents at a gift shop just outside of Peggy's Cove. I didn't turn it vertically while on my sisters camera and I can't figure out how to edit it on my parents computer so you will just have to look at it sideways. It makes me chuckle!
More to come...

Monday, July 10, 2006


I read a book once about journal writing. The author suggested writing lists... like items in your purse or what is under your bed. So I started some lists in my journal... I got to add to my list after my Fabulous trip! I got to add Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine to my "States I have been to" list! Yeah. I am now at 25!! Then I added Boston to my "Temples I have Been to" list!! It was beautiful... of course! And finally I added Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea and Ella Enchanted to my "Books I have read" list. We went to Green Gables. It was awesome- so pretty. I am planning to spend my summer watching Anne and Gilbert. And reading the rest of the "Anne" books. I took a gazillion pictures with Kristi's camera (mine was in the shop and they called the day we left to say it was ready... sheesh!) and I will post some as soon as I get my life together!