Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I need help. Speak any English?

So I have been feeling a little under the weather since Friday. Nothing major- just an irritated throat. I stayed home yesterday. Mostly because I arranged it on Friday and have days I need to use. I came to work today. Things are okay but I have coughing fits and have hot flashes. A teacher was talking to me about epidemics and how people need to stay home when they are sick to prevent spreading the disease. I don't feel contagious. And I don't feel sick enough to stay home. So what should I do? The bad thing about being a teacher is that it takes so much prep to stay home. But I don't want to infect my students and fellow teachers. I do have sick leave so that is not a problem. HELP!


shaniqua said...

i can't believe you sepnt time with me yesterday and took the chance of infecting me! epidemics are real and people need to stay home when they are sick to prevent spreading disease.

i say you just take the rest of the week off. you don't want to upset your fellow teachers by spreading things.

Andrea said...

If you feel like you may take a nasty spill down the stairs and subject yourself to further school absences.. then by all means- stay home.
If all you want to do is stay in bed- stay home.
And if you have sick leave for heavens sake use it!!! That's one thing I miss. No sick leave for moms. So enjoy it while you can.
And yes.. people that are truly sick should stay home and stop infecting us healthy ones.
Just my thoughts.
hope you feel better.

Kristi said...

oh man, Andrea totally said what I was going to- about the nasty spill down the stairs. I say, if you feel ill enough that you need to sleep, then you are truly sick. if not, live your life! does that help?

Rachel said...

ha ha, can you believe there are actually people who have not seen ferris bueller-bueller bueller bueller? girl, people are gonna have something to say either way, mad that you are "sick" at work and mad that you take too much time off-so really who cares! do what you want and feel comfortable with.