Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

It is the "thing" to do with singles on the East coast to head to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for Memorial Day weekend. So of course... since everybody's doing it... I did to! Here are some highlights:

1) driving all night to get there- literally! We (Martha and I) picked up our friend Jen (who flew in from SLC) from the airport in Baltimore at 1 am Friday night and kept driving! We arrived at 5:30 and slept in the parking lot of Jimmy's Seafood Buffet. We later found out it is one of the best restaurants around!

2) A lighthouse... I have LOVED lighthouses since my mission. This one is pretty cool- but surrounded by trees... Odd!

3) Crabs- I was fascinated with 2 crabs I spotted on the beach! I couldn't stop taking pictures. Apparently I need to get out more!

4) Our beach house- it rocked. It was massive, sleeping 18 people. It had everything you need- blankets, sheets, pillows, dishes, spices- we just had to buy the food. This is a picture of the back! I went to take a picture of the front and I dropped my camera- it is now broken! Sadness!

5) the beach- There is nothing quite like it. I love just being there- reading, swimming, napping, playing- FUN! This is Jen, Martha, me (with my nasty wind blown hair) and our FHE brother Dan (with his NASTY hairy chest) at the beach behind our house!

6) Free Salads- We went to Harris Teeter (my favorite grocery store) to buy some food. We each picked out a salad from the deli and were then approached by some store big wig. He asked us how everything was and if he could help us. He said the answer for our customers is always yes. So I said -jokingly- "Can we have these groceries for free?" He replied "That is a little different... but I will give you this salad for free." He saw the 2nd one and gave that for free too. So then we pointed out the 3rd one... and we gave us that too! SWEET! So we got $12 worth of food for free. If only we would have remembered to get forks! We ended up having to eat it with our hands on the beach! Yikes.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo....

How about you, you, you? Remember that Raffi song? So fun!
On Saturday my ward had an activity at the National Zoo in D.C.
It is part of the Smithsonian family so it is free to get in! Yippee!
It was my first time there. We met at the church and then metroed it in to D.C. It was then a hefty hike to the zoo and another hike-a-roo to the picnic spot where our ward was meeting. We ate lunch and then played "A to Zoo" scavenger hunt. My friend Martha was in charge of it and I helped her come up with the idea!!! We had to find objects in the zoo starting with each of the letters of the alphabet and take a picture of it. I was with Mike and Tim. I thought for sure we were going to win... but we came in second. Sheesh! I think we would have win except Mike was a little too into the reptile house!
Here is our T (for Turtle) picture.
I used to always want a Turtle growing up... now, not so much!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


It has been quite the day... and it isn't even 10am! I woke up this morning at 6:46. I usually get to work at 7am. Yikes!! I haven't been feeling well since Sunday night and have been really hot at night (my roommate likes it hot, I like it cool) so I turn my fan on while I sleep. Well something woke me up... thank goodness... and I realized my alarm had been going off since 5:27, but I didn't hear it because of the fan! So I quickly got dressed, washed my face, put on some makeup and drove to school. I arrived at 7:20, which is a miracle... school starts at 7:40. I am taking tomorrow off - was inspired to get it all arranged before I got sick- and am soo looking forward to it!
Tomorrow is the big night!! Go Hippies. My friends Hillary and Shannon invited me over to watch it with them. I hope it isn't too intense as I tend to talk (or should I say yell) to the teams... so I will have to control myself since I will be in public!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

It was garbage!!!

Complete trash, rubbish, refuse, nasty, horrible! I HATED it! What was so awful you ask? Gilmore Girls. That was the worst season finale I have EVER seen. At least when Rory did the nasty with Dean they made me happy by having the cutest kiss ever with Luke and Lorelei! This time... NOTHING! They just ended with the nasty and that is what it was- NASTY! I actually taped it and went to see She's the Man again with 2 friends Tuesday night. Much better choice. The problem now is... I watched GG last night with my friend from school and tonight I have to watch it again with my other friend (she doesn't know I have seen it!) And another problem... I am seriously feeling VERY anti-Gilmore Girls right now so I am trying to decide if I should return all my Seasons on DVD! If I am going to have one, I have to have them all and I don't know if I can handle what the next season has in store! I will never be able to watch the last show of season six- NEVER!
the troubadours- too much
Rory's party for Logan- lame
Dinner with the Gilmores- funny at times but why didn't Christopher like the girl? Oh yeah because he was going to do the horizontal polka with Lorelei later on!
So what do you think? Should I keep the DVD's or return them and put the money towards something much better- like buying Facts of Life, High School Musical and She's the Man on DVD?
I am grateful to Amazing Race for putting me in a much better mood last night! I am glad that MoJo is out! Go Hippies.

Monday, May 8, 2006

I won!!

Yeppers... I was a little worried when a cookie monster cake showed up! But when there was a store bought cake, and cupcakes, I wasn't as worried! But the cookie monster won most creative, a chocolate cake won most delicious- and I won best OVERALL! My prize... a box of Mikes and Ikes. Oh well. It was fun. It tasted good but the fruit-roll-up (or lettuce) tasted a little funky with the chocolate! Here is a picture with Jud and the cake. The sign reads... Jud- Hope your birthday is a real Whopper!! I have half of it leftover- too bad you are all too far away to come over for a piece!

Sunday, May 7, 2006

And the Winning Cake is...

We are having a ward FHE tomorrow. Our group is in charge and we are having a ward birthday party! So fun! We are each in charge of a different party game; pin the tail, unwrap the chocolate bar, pop the balloon, etc. Each fhe group is supposed to bring a Birthday cake and they will be judged by the bishopric. I volunteered to make one for our group- and this is it!!! I have wanted to make it for a long time so now is my chance! I hope it still looks good tomorrow night! Yikes! I am not so happy with the mustard and the tomatoes but what can you do! It is Jud's real birthday tomorrow (my fhe dad & home teacher) so I am trying to figure out how to do a little sign that says "Have a WHOPPER of a birthday!" It was all I could think of that has to do with burgers. I'll let you know if I win!