Thursday, June 7, 2007

I am sorry...

to anyone that still reads this. I have been very neglectful lately. Life has been NUTS-O!

1) I moved last week! I thought I was going to DIE. It was 33 degrees celcius (90+ Fahrenheit) with the humidity at code orange- not sure what that means but everyone kept talking about how it was a bad thing... and it was. I had to move everything in 1 day... during the day so I was all alone. My new landlord was actually there to help me with my dresser but I moved my bed and that 6 foot beast (see picture below) all alone- up a flight of stairs. Thank goodness for good friends who helped me with the last 2 car loads that night.

2) I am staying with a friend until I can start living in my apartment on the 15th. She is great and the bed I get to sleep in is great. I might not want to move out. I even have a huge TV in my room. Only problem- no remote. I figured out how to set the sleep timer so it will turn off when I am in bed... but haven't figured out how to change the channel while still in bed. I thought of a great invention... having a universal remote in your cell phone. Then you could change the channel of any TV, anywhere. Like when you are at the doctor's office and they have the tv on some lame-o channel, or you are waiting for your oil change and Oprah is on but you can't hear it because the volume is too low and people are yapping. Am I a genius or WHAT?

3)I think I might be going to YW camp. Yowza. I am a librarian in my ward and was "working" last night when a lady came in to make copies. They were camp song books. So I say "I love girls camp but am never around at the right time to go." so she says "you should come to camp this summer. We are always looking for help, especially with food." HELLO! She is like my new best friend because I have always wanted to be the camp cook. Now I realize that wanting to and actually being it are 2 different things and once I am it, I probably won't want to be it anymore. So she took my info and said she would pass it along to the right people. But they stay in cabins, with a pool and showers. That isn't camping. Camping is when you can't shower for 4 days and you have to hold your breath in the outhouse while going to the bathroom and you have to air out the tents for the next YW activity because it was pouring the last 3 days of camp. THAT my friends is camping! But I sure am excited.

I best be off. I will remember this time to take before and after pictures of my room. It is going to be soo cute and organized. I hope. But right now, there are soo many boxes, I can't even take 3 steps inside. But you just wait!!