Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My mailman makes me laugh~

Whenever we get a parcel in the mail, he hides it under our doormat... like no one but us will notice. It doesn't matter the size of the package- big, medium, small! We did get this big box once and he put the mat on top. I don't know if he seriously thinks it hides it or he just does it to be funny. Either way- it makes me laugh. Here is a picture of what I came home to today. I am so excited that the thing I ordered from Joann.com came today!!! I can't tell you what it is... not yet. Maybe when I finish it.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

I really want chips...

I am totally craving potato chips... and have been for a few days. But I am trying to be good and not buy any! But I do have a bag of Ketchup chips in my closet... I promised them to my home teacher- but if he doesn't come soon, he's going to be out of luck!
p.s. apparently some guy is selling these on ebay(where I got the picture)- you have to buy 400 of them. Yowza!

Monday, August 21, 2006

I am a sucker...

For colored food and anything superman! Put them together and I will FOR SURE buy it. And then it is in the clearance section in Target- HELLO! Check out this awesome cereal! It is Captain Crunch with superman shield shaped crunch berries. When you pour the milk on they turn blue and so does your milk. I had to have a second bowl so I could take some pictures!
Here I sit waiting for new tires to be put on my car... I got a ride from their "Shuttle" so I didn't have to sit there all day! The guy didn't talk to me the WHOLE way- thank goodness it was only a short drive. Then when I told him "It's the next left" he goes to turn right. I said "No! the next LEFT."(politely- and even pointed left) He proceeds to signal for the next right! Finally he got it figured out. I was all prepared to watch Regis and Kelly and there is some press conference with President Bush. Come on! What is this world coming to when a girl can't get her last fix of Regis and Kelly before school starts. Oh well!

I love this...


It makes me laugh everytime I look at it. It was outside the Chamber of Commerce in Preston... the lady was gone for lunch and we were too scared to ask someone to take it for us (we didn't want to look like dumb tourists...) so I rested my camera on the door handle! Ha ha! love it! And here is the van. How cool would it be to drive that every day to school! i would be the coolest teacher EVER!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

My vacation within my vacation...

So while on vacation, I decided to take another vacation! I have really been missing my college friends lately- so since I am closer to them now, then from Virginia, I decided it was time for a road trip! I rented a car- it was sweet! I reserved the cheapest one and when I went to go get it, all they had was a ritzy one so I got that for the cheap price. HELLO! I felt pretty hoity toity (is that how you spell it) with my 6 CD player, sunroof, heated leather seats (it's been too hot to try them but just knowing that they are there...), it is going to be hard going back to my Corolla in Virginia- Anyways. I stopped in Calgary my first night and visited with a friend -Natalie- from my mission. She is awesome and it was soo good to see her and chat about her never ending boy problems! Then onto Idaho. Montana is a dangerous place. My trunk was seriously full before I had been in the US for 5 hours. I stopped in Great Falls AND Helena to shop at Target, Shopko, Wal-Mart, Old Navy... no tax is a beautiful thing. It's like everything is at least 6% off. Ha ha! I drove to Shelley, Idaho and stayed with my old roomie -Alicia. She is the BEST! I went to church with her on Sunday and had an early Roast Beef dinner with her fam. Then I drove to SLC to meet my other former roomie -Alisa- from Vegas at her Grandparents, where we had a late Roast Beef dinner. Can't have too much Roast beef and mashed potatoes... or can you? Alisa and I could seriously talk for HOURS... and I think we did. Monday we shopped and met up with a former companion of mine -Dena- to whom I delivered numerous Canadian goods! Tuesday Alisa and I headed to Idaho. We stopped in Logan to go to the sock factory and Pepperidge farm factory! Love that place. My advice... taste everything in the parking lot so you know what you should go back for more of! We decided to share a big bag of mint milanos and a bag of yummy chocolate chip cookies. It was too late to turn back after tasty the CCC! They were soo yummy! After Logan we stopped in Preston to check out the Napolean Dynamite tour! We bought our maps for $1 and headed out. We found Uncle Rico's van parked on Main street... love it. I will try posting pictures when I get back to VA. then we went to the D.I. where he bought the dance video. And then went to find his house. It took us a few tries but we found it. I was highly disappointed. If I lived there I would have honkin signs with a table selling tots and Tina the llama. Oh well. We decided to should carry on. We stopped in Idaho Falls to visit Kim- another former roomie. She has the cutest little boy- Justin- who took quite a liking to me! I can't say the boys don't like me! Too bad they are usually 3 and under! Then another visit to a roomie - Nichole- in Rexburg! Man I LOVE that place. It was soo cool to see the temple, and all the other changes that are happening in that town. We stayed with Alisa's brother and his wife in the cutest little house! Wednesday we did more damage... we went to Artco- a cool place where they sell stationary by the pound! DI of course was on our list and for old times sake we stopped at Broulims. We discovered they had a Craigo's (the best pizza place) in it so we ate there for lunch. We headed to campus and walked through the library and the bookstore! I bought a fun shirt that says I heart BYUI (like the NY shirts). We went to Sonic for happy hour to have a Strawberry limeades- like the good ol' days. We took Alisa's bro and SIL to Fong's. Yummy. And then went to see Nacho Libre at the cheap theater. We had a few good laughs .... Thursday Alisa took a shuttle back to SLC and I finished up my business in Rexburg. I visited with a Professor that I worked for for 2 years. She wants me to go get my Masters and Doctorite (I can't even spell it) Yikes. I will have to think about that one! Then went back to IF, did some damage there and stayed with Alicia one last night. I seriously LOVE Idaho and would LOVE to live there... if only they weren't one of the lowest paid states for teachers- plus not in high demand for us either. Anywho. That was my trip! There is nothing quite like taking a trip down memory lane. And it is so much more fun with a friend. My next trip will have to be to Spokane to see Mikaela- it has been forever since we have seen each other!! Hopefully soon.