Friday, October 16, 2009

The Human Pin Cushion

The other day I went to get a blood test. And this is what happened...
right arm: left arm:

yup. I got poked 4 times. 4 times!!
And only one of them worked. My veins have become hard to find lately. Apparently VERY hard to find.

The girl poked me once and it didn't work. So she went to get someone else.

Who tried. And holy schmolies did it hurt. Bad.
Then she tried again.

Apparently they are only supposed to try twice.
But as she told the first girl "rules are meant to be broken". Interesting.

She said I might have to come back another day. Which I really did not want to do.
She decided to try one more time. And luckily it worked.

Hopefully I won't have to get another blood test for a VERY long time.

I should post a picture of the 2 beautiful bruises that have appeared.

But I will spare you.

A Word to the Wise

Whatever you do- DO NOT go see the movie Couples Retreat.

It is NOT funny. (I might have laughed 3 times. maybe.)

It is VERY inappropriate. And dumb.

The only good thing about it was I didn't have to pay since I went as a mystery shopper.
More about that later.

Monday, October 5, 2009


It was an interesting week this past week. Monday morning my phone rings at 7:30. It was the substitute system calling with a job. It was for a kindergarten class at the school one of my nieces goes to... and she just happens to be in kindergarten. So I call my sister to see if it was for her teacher. It is. Crazy. I showered, got ready and drove there in time for 8:10. Yikes. I walk into the classroom and discover the teacher's aid is a girl from my ward. Crazy. It turned out that the teacher has a flu and as a precaution she is required to stay home for a week. So I spent a week in kindergarten and LOVED it. They sure are cute and fun.

What are the chances that I got that phone call Monday morning- to be my niece's teacher and with the girl from my ward?? Coincidence? or destiny? ha ha.

Last weekend I was reminded of another crazy happening. 3 years ago my friend really wanted to go camping in Delaware for her birthday. So 4 girls headed out for the adventure Friday night. Saturday we hung out around Cape May before heading back to Virginia. It was the Relief Society broadcast that night so we found a stake center that was on our way home in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. We got there right when it was starting and found seats on the front row. As soon as it ended, my friend and I went to the washroom. While I was washing my hands I hear "Shelley?" I turn around and there was a lady from my home stake. She was visiting her parents in New Jersey. CRAZY. What are the chances that we would stop at that stake center? And both be in the bathroom at the same time?

It really is a small world after all.

What's a post without a picture. So here are the 3 girls flying a kite on the beach at Cape May.