Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hello Goodbuy

I was heading to the post office before it closed when I noticed the grand opening of a grocery store. They had signs for special deals which included watermelons for $2.99. I have an eternal love for watermelon and haven't had one this year so I had to stop by. They had milk for 99 cents. a dozen eggs for 59 cents. pineapples for $1.99. It was an International Food Market so some of the other things were quite nasty. Like dried squid right next to the milk. Yick. And this at the check out. Am I the only one that is confused about the apple juice?

I wanted to take pictures of all the nasty things but there were people EVERYWHERE and didn't want to be kicked out before purchasing my watermelons.

Here is what I purchased for the fabulous price of $26.48.
Oh- and I got a free bottle of water.

What a deal!


Andrea said...

wow. That's some great deals.
I really would love some of that watermelon!
Way to shop!

shaniqua said...

mmmmmm! watermelon!

Sydney said...

What!? Where is this miracle-mart!?

shaniqua said...