Sunday, January 28, 2007

My week...

I just did a big ol' post, and then it disappeared. So here is a much shorter, condensed post.
*We lost the faculty basketball game against our rival school's faculty. Last year, I played, we won. Coincidence. I think not. HA! (This is a picture of a teacher and our assistant principal in Cougars costumes. Kinda creepy.)
*Went to Williamsburg for my wards annual winter trip. My friend's Martha and Georginia in the stocks. And Dan, Shane and Rich with Pocahontas in Jamestown. I think I was the ONLY one who didn't have a clue that she had anything to do with Jamestown.
*Watched The Office on my laptop the whole way home. With 3 people smooshed in the back seat, it helped time pass a little faster. Dan, the driver, had equipment to make my laptop have surround sound. Weird. but nice.
*Went to bed at 9:30 last night. I was so tired, I thought I was going to die. Didn't finally get out of bed until 8:30 this morning. Of course I had to pee about 4 times during those 11 hours.
*It snowed last Sunday. Yippee. But we only got a 2 hour delay out of it. Whatever. More snow best be on it's way.
*I found $20 in the washer while moving my clothes to the dryer. I am SURE that I checked my pockets.
*I think I am getting another cold. Sheesh. Hopefully my 11 hours of sleep will help it go away.
*Tomorrow is the first day of the new semester. It is nice to see the "challenging" students go, but scary to think what new "challenges" will be walking in my door tomorrow. Yikes.
*I think I need to go make some Double Chocolate Banana Muffins. See ya!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


for the delay! I feel like my life is such a bore- I don't want to put my 3 readers to sleep with my dull stories! Some highlights of the week-

1) Samoas ice cream is back. This stuff is heavenly. It is a goal killer. I am constantly making goals to stop eating ice cream, or at least buy the 1/2 the fat kind- that tastes just as yummy. Then I see this- on sale- I couldn't say no. And of course it was buy one get one free, so I HAD to buy 2. It was quite the decision but I went for good ol'American Idol ice cream. You can't beat that!

2) I crocheted my first dish cloth. I originally bought the wrong hook so I went back and bought a multi-pack of hooks. I spent a couple hours Friday night (sad, I know) and a gazillion hours Saturday working on it. I had to pick apart my first one because it was a little too large! The yarn was on sale so of course I HAD to buy 4 more. I have a disease. I also found another thing of crochet thread- for a total of 3 to make into leprosy bandages.

3) 3 day weekend thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I am sooo grateful. I think I might celebrate by sleeping, and crocheting.

4) I bought a laptop. YIKES. I hate making big purchases- especially technology. I am always scared I will find a better deal next week, or it is going to be out of date in 3 days. I got a printer with it for $28. It is being shipped this week. Now I just need to get rid of my current computer. I am hoping to sell it on craigslist - if not, find a place to donate it to.

5) I REALLY want snow. Is that too much to ask for?

Saturday, January 6, 2007


It has been quite the week. I got 3 hours of sleep Monday night after traveling all day. But I got to go out for dinner with my friend Sarah in Chicago during my 31/2 hour layover. I don't think I got much more sleep than that any other night. It was a good week- but long. Why is it that 4 day work weeks seem more like 6 days? Friday was a good day... until my 7th period. Those kids sure know how to push my buttons. Then I had my home room kids- we end the day with our home room class for 25 minutes. We are supposed to read on Fridays- silently. Well they weren't. I was sooo tired and frustrated. I was going to burst into tears so I walked out of the room into my office (All our rooms are connected so I could still hear them!) I composed myself as they continued to talk. I went back in and tried one more time to get them to read silently. It worked for the last 5 minutes. I finally broke down after my fellow teacher asked if there was something wrong. I think I just really needed a good cry. So there I sat- folding dish cloths and towels in my kitchens... crying... how sad. I decided to email the parents of a good kid in each of my classes to tell them how much I appreciate having them in my classes. That is going to be my new Friday tradition. I headed home- decided to buy a pizza and ice cream. That seemed to do the trick. My friend Martha came over and we watched the cheesiest movie EVER. I don't remember the name of it but it is part 4 of a series about a family during the pioneer times. It was good for a laugh.
Today I finally got my bags unpacked and everything put away. It was 21 degrees Celsius (70 Fahrenheit) so I vacuumed out my car in capris and flip flops. Can you believe it? On January 6th I was wearing capris and flip flops. Wowzers.
Then I went to see The Pursuit of Happyness with friends. What a movie. It makes me want to go help everyone that is in a situation like that. Amazing!!! Life is good. Even my life as a middle school teacher! :)