Thursday, May 29, 2008

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

So there I was driving home from work. I merged into the turning lane so I could turn left. When all of a sudden I noticed a man in a suit hanging out the window of a black suburban with a U.S. Government license plate. He was yelling at me and the car beside me to stop. So I stopped. (you can see his hand. I was too scared to take a picture while he was hanging out the window in case he would have to confiscate my camera). As you can see by the picture there is space for about 4 cars to fit between me and the car in front of me. He continued to hang out the window. I was waiting to see what would happen when the light turned green. What was going down? I had my camera ready just in case....
Then the light turned green. So I waited... And... the suburban drove straight through the intersection. What? I was so confused. And annoyed. Who was the important person in the fancy car in front of the suburban that couldn't have anyone be next to them?
Weird. VERY weird.

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Sydney said...

HA!!! I had a VERY similar experience a few weeks ago but forgot to blog about it! I was driving back to work from lunch and a motor cade turned onto the street I was on while I was at a red light. So I wonder who it is and when the light turns green I caught up to them at the next red light. I pulled up next to them (maybe that was my mistake). I stopped right by the suburban with flashing lights. I looked to my left and staring me straight in the face is some ort of secret service dude who did NOT look happy. I slowly faced forward and continued sipping my shake so I wouldn't upset him with any sudden movements. I took another glace before the light turned green and he was still glaring at me. It was pretty funny... after the fact. I'm just glad he didn't have a machine gun in my face. I saw one of those hanging out of a suburban in NYC... now THAT would be scary!