Friday, November 13, 2009


My Mom and Dad's birthdays are exactly 2 weeks apart.
When I was at the post office mailing my Dad's birthday card, I thought I would be smart and buy a stamp for my Mom's card too.
A week and a half before my Mom's birthday (31 days ago) I dropped her card in a mail box. Two days later, I found the stamp I had bought for her card. Oops. So I waited for it to be returned. And waited. And waited.
I thought maybe one of the blessings of having your parents serve a mission was free postage- so I told my Mom to watch out for it.
This morning, I checked the mail and there is was.
Seriously? It took 31 days for them to realize there was no stamp and return it to me.
I think I could have walked it to the Philippines faster than that.
So Mom- now it is really on it's way. Hopefully it will get to you before your NEXT birthday.