Friday, October 27, 2006


This looks like your everyday, run of the mill popcorn... but it's not! It is seriously AMAZING! I love it. It is White Cheddar microwave popcorn! I am addicted. I seriously have to try to not eat it EVERYDAY! It is so choice! If you have the means I higly recommend picking one up! (name the movie!) I have only found it at one store... I may have to stock up. Try it- you'll love it! If you don't- I will gladly take the rest off your hands!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Why is it...

that when you watch a movie with high expectations, it rarely meets them. And sometimes when you watch a movie with low expectations, it exceeds them?
That happened to me last night- I rented RV and watched it- I haven't heard anything about this movie- good or bad- usually that means it bad because it didn't get the rave reviews that good movies get! Well I liked it. It was cheesy but had some good LOL moments! This family in the picture is the best! Ha ha! So am I telling you to watch it... I don't know- because if you go in with expectations of it being great, you may be disappointed!!!! With what movies has this happened to you?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I love this girl!

The plan was to go to Buffalo, NY this weekend to visit my old BYU-I roomie, Amanda. I haven't seen her in over 2 years! I was ready to leave Friday right after school-
Then I heard about the HUGE snow storm Buffalo had Thursday night. Amanda said they didn't have electicity or water and tons of roads were shut down! I was devastated. Then came the idea- she should come to me! Her Mom agreed if she brought her sister Adrienne! They drove all night friday- arriving at 2am! It was so much fun chatting, laughing, looking at pictures. We went to the temple, her Aunt and Uncle took us out for dinner... our waiter was the cutest little Mexican man!! We ate right after Church and they headed home... it was sad to see them go but it was soo worth it to have them here! She is the funniest, craziest girl. It is such a blessing to have her in my life!!

p.s. She wasn't even here for 48 hours and I made tons of food- Lemon poppyseed muffins, double chocolate banana muffins, pumpkin cheesecake (again) and snicker salad!!
I totally meant to take a picture of the S.S. but forgot before it was too late- but here is the recipe. Kim- let me know what you think- it sounds nasty but tastes delicious!
1 red apple
1 green apple
1 snickers bar
1/2 cup whipping cream(whip stiff with 4 tsp powdered sugar)
1/2 of 6 oz strawberry yogurt

Cut up apples and snickers into bitesize pieces. Fold into whipped cream and yogurt.
(I don't really follow this recipe... I just cut up as many apples as I want, mix cool whip and yogurt -add to apples- and add enough Snickers so there is one if every bite! Yummy!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I LOVE this song...

Everytime we Touch by Cascada!!! It seriously makes me want to go to a dance REAL bad! And that takes a lot... although I love dancing... just hate the whole dance experience... you know standing around, waiting to be asked to dance, watching everyone around you get asked... Anywho- LOVE this song. I wish I knew how to do a link to just play the song or how to post the video right on my blog... but until then- click on the link and take a listen! I love the video too- all the random people dancing. makes me smile. I wish I could play it during my classes- It would be a party all day long!!

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Lots of Leftovers!

It was a success... the Elders showed up 15 minutes early! but luckily everything was ready- it just needed to be dished up! We chowed down and it was soooo good! I love my mom's stuffing-I keep forgetting how easy it is, I need to make it more often. It was my first time making gravy... I thought about just not making it- but how horrible would that be??? So a little coaching from Mom over the phone and all was well! I can't say it was perfect but I am very pleased with my first time! I was a little scared about the dessert but it was SCRUMPTIOUS! I made Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake. I highly recommend it! Look at all these leftovers... yikes! Good thing Thanksgiving leftovers are my favorite!!! And the Elders were great! Elder Arnold is so much fun and he had a brand new companion- fresh from the MTC! I got to be his first dinner appointment. I am determined to be a better member missionary!
p.s. I didn't get to make the Snickers salad... and looking at the leftovers- that is probably a good thing! But I will make it soon and post the recipe for you Kim! It sounds soo weird but is delightful!

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Am I crazy??

So I have made it a goal to feed the missionaries once a month! They bring a guy from the ward with them (since we are single... and sisters...) so it is a good way to get to know people in the ward... oh yeah... and serve the missionaries!! So I was trying to decide what to make and someone asked me if I was celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving- I didn't have any plans to- until now! I decided I would celebrate a little early- tomorrow! So now the problem is getting EVERYTHING done in time to eat and go to enrichment! yikes. I bought a turkey and am going to cook it at school tomorrow! There are so many advantages to being a Home Ec teacher! So I will prepare it during my prep and then put it in at lunch to cook! Then I will have to bustle home with my turkey, cook mashed potatoes, stuffing, snicker salad and buns before 6! yikes. I think I might go crazy. I am going to try and get as much done tonight as I can- I already have my bread torn for stuffing.... that's about it. Oh yeah I need to figure out something for dessert too! I should do something pumpkiny- but not pumpkin pie- that's boring (and not my favorite). So I should be off so I can figure out a recipe, run to the store and make it home for the million TV shows I want to watch tonight! If you haven't watched Project Runway, you need to! So good. Love it! Adios!!!