Sunday, February 18, 2007

Clean Up on Aisle 20...

This is my friend Sarah-

She is fun. She was in town from Chicago for the weekend and forgot a razor- so we hit Target. We had to check out the Valentines clearance section- of course. We found roses and thought we would buy some for our friend who "didn't have a valentine's". We didn't know the price so Sarah walked over to the handy scanner. Suddenly I hear the sound of water splashing on the floor. She tipped the roses over so she could scan them... forgetting there was water in them. Being the good girl that she is, she got out the wet floor sign and called the operator (I didn't know they had all that equipment there). I was laughing SOOO hard and luckily had my camera with me. The best part was when the operator came over the speaker saying "clean up on aisle 20."
Maybe you had to be there.

My feet...

got a few treats this week. So we ended up getting a total of 3 snow days this week. Yowza. And I told myself that if I got a snow day, I would go shoe shopping-which I have been desperately needing for a LONG time now. So I ventured out on Thursday to DSW.
I walked around the whole store, trying on everything that was cute. Nothing fit right.
I hate having big feet.
Then I hit the clearance section. HELLO! I found these black beauties-
for 40% off. I really like them- and hope you do too.
Then I was on the hunt for brown church shoes. and came across these- also 40% off. When I put them on for this picture, they hurt a little more than I thought- so I may have to test them out again before making my final decision to wear them outside. I have been known to buy shoes and then ummm... not wear them.
Like these. $10 at Kohl's. How could I say no?
Now I just need to wear them. But I feel like none of my clothes look good with them. Guess I better buy new clothes for my shoes.
The final treat- pedicures with my friend Sarah. We found a place that only cost $20 and they had the massaging chairs- I didn't know about them but now I do and am in LOVE. So anyone who comes to visit me, we will go get pedicures. I will even pay. It is worth the $400+ plane ticket. I promise.
Miranda Priestly (the Devil wears Prada) would DIE if she saw my choice of shoes. I think the ones Andy is wearing are cute when they bring her new shoes. I am so not hip!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Good Samaritan

So today was a snowday. Happy Valetine's Day to me! It was more like an ice day. It snowed yesterday and we got released from school 2 hours early. Then there was freezing rain all night. I decided to go to my friend Martha's house. So at 4, I headed out- my roommate had kindly cleaned off my windows so I thought I could get out no problem. You can't tell by the side ways picture (sorry) but there is a big ledge- about 6 inches- left by the plow. Well I tried, and tried and my wheels just kept spinning. I saw a guy a few cars down having the same problem so I went to help push. As soon as I got to his car, he gets out and tells me it is okay- he doesn't need any help because this is his girlsfriends car and he has an SUV blah.. blah.. blah.. Okay. I think he just didn't want a girl helping him. Whatever. He didn't offer to help me. Whatever. Neither did the other 3 guys and 1 girl that walked past while I spun my wheels and shoveled. I was beginning to become very disgusted with the lack of kindness in this world when along came Blaze. He was the coolest guy. I felt horrible as he was older and had a limp but helped push, and shovel, and push, and shovel. "That's what neighbors are for", he said. Finally my car got out and so I wanted to help him- but he made me go get gas (my light came on as soon as I started my car). So I went and came back to help him. Then he helped me again clear out my spot totally so I could park there again. We helped another couple get their car out. I decided not to go to Martha's because I don't want some selfish, lazy person to steal my nicely cleared spot. That isn't very Christlike- I know. But after shovelling for 2 hours- I am tired. So thank you Blaze for being a REAL man. And for renewing my faith in the kindness of people. And thank you Fairfax County Public Schools for the Valentines gift of another snowday tomorrow! yey!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Yummy in my tummy

A friend from school had a sleepover. Her husband is in Bagdad for 4 weeks and so she wanted to do something to keep her from going crazy- he works for the security of diplomats or something like that! So she invited a few teachers over for a girls night in. It was really fun to just eat and chat. I volunteered to make breakfast as I had a recipe I REALLY wanted to try. I had it at a visiting teaching brunch and have been dreaming of it since. It is called Creme Brulee French Toast. Yummy. Well I doubled the recipe as I didn't know how much would be needed. Well 2 of the girls didn't sleep over and everyone just had one piece- so I have a 9x13 pan left. Yikes. The problem is- it is delicious- not nutritious. There is supposed to be a storm coming again this week- Tuesday & Wednesday- so talk of 2 snow days. So perhaps I will have a snowday breakfast and invite some fellow teachers. If we can get out of our homes and parking lots. Ha ha! We did get a snow day last Wednesday. The news said we got 1.7 inches of snow. Interesting since Western NY has gotten like 5 feet of snow and are apparently still going to school. Virginians = pansies. Anyways- make the Creme Brulee frenchtoast. It is delightful. But have people to share it with otherwise you WILL eat it all.
p.s. I just didn't put in the Grand Marnier in as I am not sure what it is- but I assume it is some sort of alcohol. And the challah bread is a jewish bread that I only heard of when I came to Virginia. Other recipes I have seen said to use French Bread!! Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Crazy ol' Virginia

Yup- I live in a crazy state. Crazy. There is talk of snow tonight. Winter "advisory" in affect from 7pm tonight until 7 am tomorrow. 90% chance of getting 1 to 2 inches.
When I was driving home, the radio guy mentioned that 2 meetings were cancelled becuase of the weather warning. The meetings started at 6:30. What? It was 6:15 and there was NOTHING! But the meetings were cancelled because of snow. What is up with that. Of course I am hoping for a snow day. Virginia has turned me into a pansy. I just hope I don't turn crazy!

p.s. still no change in the bathroom situation. I haven't told my roomie that I am on strike. I just want to see how long it will take her to notice that it is her turn. It isn't THAT nasty but certainly past the point that I let it go!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

I bet you didn't know...

I was tagged by my sister Andrea.

1. I am on strike from cleaning the bathroom. I have lived with my roommate for over 2 years now. She has cleaned the bathroom... maybe 3 times... so I am on strike. It is gross and eating me up inside but I will NOT clean it. The only way I can do this is because I am moving out it 26 days. The last time it was cleaned was when I cleaned it before I left for Christmas. NASTY!

2. I have 4 packages of kool-aid in storage, and I don't know when I will be able to bring myself to drink them. They are Great Blue-dini flavor. I LOVE it but they stopped making it. I found a few packages and bought them. And now they are in storage waiting for a special day. Weird, I know.

3. In college, my friends called me Mother Love. There used to be a show on TV called Forgive or Forget- ever seen it?? And the host was a big, black woman named Mother Love. I thought it was such a cool name. My roommate Laura started it all and it caught on. People from my ward would yell "Mother Love" across campus when they saw me. The good ol' days.

4. On-Star radio commercials make me cry. Sad but true. There are some that are lame, but most of them, make the tears flow. I want to be an On-Star operator.

5. My dream is to be on Sesame Street. How cool would that be?

I tag Kim and Mikaela. And anyone else that wants to be tagged.