Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to YOU!

I love birthdays. I love free stuff. And I love you. So I am going to celebrate all my loves by sharing with you how you can get free stuff on your birthday!

Some of these places are only in the States but others are available throughout North America. Next year when I celebrate my birthday in Canada, I will have to find new Canadian deals or just take a trip to the States every year around the end of April!!

Cold Stone
free ice cream!!

Baskin Robbins (not sure about Canada)
free ice cream!!

Red Robin (good in Canada & U.S.)
free burger!! mmmm! (I am partaking of my birthday burger tonight. Can't wait!)

Dairy Queen (good in Canada and U.S.)
buy one blizzard, get one free!! (on your birthday and several times a year too!)

On the Border
free dessert or empanadas (when you sign up AND on your birthday!)

$10 off of a $24.95 purchase- thanks Amanda for the reminder- although I got a $10 coupon. maybe the older you get the more money you save :)

25% off an item

I will keep you posted on any more I receive in the next few days. And PLEASE let me know about any birthday deals you know about.

Happy Birthday! Have a burger and tons of ice cream. Then go buy yourself some shoes. My treat!


AmandaStretch said...

DSW gives you a $5 off any $19.95 purchase. I got my card yesterday. I love birthdays!

Andrea said...

We always use the Red Robin and blizzard coupon.
They also have Montana's, but I think that's only for kids.
Tony Romas has free meal, but you have to go in and apply in the restaurant. And we never go there... so haven't got it yet.
Enjoy your free birthday treats!

Anonymous said...

Came here from Andrea's blog to say a very Happy Birthday to you! :)

Youssouf, Rachel,& AALIYAH said...

happy b-day girl!! miss you lots, thanks for the tips hope to see you this summer!!


Mikaela said...

I love all your freebies! I'm definately signing up for some of those. I hope you had a fabulous birthday! I love ya and miss ya tons!