Thursday, June 22, 2006

I am free...

School is done! Yippee. It was a great last few days. Kings Dominion went MUCH better than I thought. Who knew 300+ 8th graders could control themselves!
My parents just flew in tonight... after a little shopping and some eating, we are ready for bed (actually they are already sleeping and I am trying to get organized). We head out tomorrow for the maritimes- where I served my mission. I am SOOO excited to go back. We will be stopping in NYC tomorrow! My mother always said she would never go there- but I have worked my magic! We are going to visit the temple... and we will see what else. On the way home we are going to go to Ellis Island/ Statue of LIberty. Apparently my great grandfather (maybe great-great grandfather) came to Ellis Island so that should be cool. Speaking of cool- my sister Kristi was kind enough to send her digital camera with the parents since mine is still in the shop. Okay, it is almost midnight, and it is MAJORLY storming outside- big thunders and lightnings- so I better sign off and try and get some sleep... oh yeah and maybe pack! Yikes. See ya in a few weeks!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Movie Thursday!!!

Okay so I am a slacker teacher... but it's the end of the year right? So tomorrow is our big 8th grade trip to Kings Dominion. I get to be a chapperone! Yippee. Each teacher or parent is in charge of 10 kids. They have to check in with us 3 times throughout the day. If they are late for check-in, they have to sit with us for half an hour! Who are they trying to punish! I am excited because they have a log ride- which is my FAVORITE ride at Disneyland (and it was closed down the last time I was there). I will fill you in on any happenings of the day! Monday is our "field day" which consists of 4 8th grade teams competeing with each other in such things as pizza box relay and balloon popping- whatever! Remember the good ol' track and field day when we worked our butts off! And then Tuesday- the LAST day- is over at 10:50- so it really doesn't count! Yippee! Anyways... back to my title- so instead of fighting with my students while trying to teach them something, we are watching movies! And the great thing... I get to control what movies. I am giving them 3 options- High School Musical, Sky High and Madagasgar! So far my 1st period chose Sky High- LOVE it! and 2nd period picked HSM! It has been a great morning. We shall see what my other 3 classes choose. The sad thing is classes are only 50 minutes so I only get to see the first half of them. oh well- I own them- I can watch them ALL summer.
p.s. GO OILERS! I stayed up til 11:30 watching the game last night... but it was worth it. I hope we win!

Friday, June 9, 2006

7 more days...

Of school. I am so ready for summer. Especially after today. Sometimes I wonder why I choose to work with 13 year olds. Sometimes I wouldn't have it any other way. Today I am grateful for the weekend. Hope you are enjoying yours.