Monday, May 26, 2008

I Love long weekends

I just got back from probably the BEST Memorial Day Weekend yet. We played games like Skip-Bo, Cranium, Musical Catchphrase, Blink, and a painful 5 hour long game of Phase 10. We ate delicious food like corn on the cob, hamburgers, french toast, grilled chicken, pancakes, smores, apple dumplings, and taco soup. I got sun burned in places like my ears, face, calves, knee pits, shoulders, and arms. So fun. Wish we could do it again next weekend. Minus the bed that creaked every time we breathed. And the sky light that made our bedroom seem like it was noon at 6am. One day I am going to own a lake (or ocean) house that looks like this:

Wanna come visit me next Memorial Day Weekend?


shaniqua said...

you played skip-bo with out me?! went on a fun trip with out even telling me? i need to know where you are at all times!

when you own a house on the lake or doesn't even have to look like that, and i will still come visit you.

Andrea said...

Nice! Why can't we be rich and have a summer cottage like that?
Curious George has two homes, and Addy is always saying how she wishes she had 2 homes. Ya.. I wish.
Sounds like a fun weekend!

Mikaela said...

Yeah, you get that super awesome house, and we'll all come out for a visit! hehe! Glad you had a nice weekend. I hate sunburns. I got one yesterday, as did McKay. AT least I didn't have it in my "knee pits", which just about made me pee my pants with laughter!