Thursday, March 29, 2007

Everyone needs to teach Middle School...

even if just for a year. What an adventure it is. Yesterday we had a lock-down drill. That is where we lock ourselves in our room and hide in case there is an intruder in our school. This is the scariest thing about being a teacher nowadays. And how sad that we have to practice for it. So we are lucky (okay maybe not lucky) to have huge closets in our 2 classrooms so rather than hide in the corner, we hide in our closets. What an experience- being locked in a closet with 25 8th graders. yikes. I thought it would smell a lot worse than it did. So there we sat and stood for what seemed like forever. We have to stay there- silent- until an administrator or our Officer comes to let us out. I was surprised they were as quiet as they were. It was with my most challenging class- which is mild compared to classes I have had in the class. There is a new kid- yesterday was his second day- he got kicked out of his last school and hasn't made any effort to win us over. While I was covering the windows, my new angel shuts the door (so I was locked out) and turns off the lights. Luckily I did have my keys on me so I got in. But you better believe he got written up for that one. I asked him why he did it, and he says "because I wanted everyone to scream." He may be obnoxious but at least he is honest!!
So become a middle school teacher today!!
p.s. My friend who teaches in Vegas has had a few real lock downs and has learned from experience that it would be wise to buy some bottled water to keep on hand. So i think I might do that, with a few snacks. I was trying to think about an activity we could do while locked in there... like Yahtzee. Just joking. But we were just in there for maybe 10 minutes and it felt like FOREVER so I can't imagine what a couple of hours would be like. Any suggestions for silent games? Staring contests? Ha ha!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Weekend of Crafts and Movies...

Craft & movie #1-
On Friday I started my weekend by shopping at Hancock Fabrics. I needed to buy some supplies for school. We have a LOT of money that needs to be spent before they take it away. Upon arrival, I learned that the store is closing. So EVERYTHING is on sale. Of course I went a little more crazy than I should. But the money HAS to be spent right? ANd it's for the children. I didn't really go THAT crazy. Then I became an official Canadian. My friend Martha came over and we watched Strange Brew. I have never seen it before. We started watching it once when I was at Ricks but it got turned off because it was dumb. I thought it would be a movie that would necessitate being drunk to enjoy. But I liked it. Sure it was lame, and cheesy. But funny. I am going to have to start saying "Take off eh." and "Horked"- as in "who horked the pencil that was on my desk?". Love it.

Movie #2-
Saturday morning before Martha left (she slept over) we watched Ella Enchanted. I LOVE that movie. And Prince Char is so dreamy. I must admit that I fell asleep but woke up in time for the musical ending.

Movie #3-
I have had Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (and Strange Brew) in my posession for at LEAST a month. It was time to watch them so I could send them back for new movies. It was pretty gruesome (sp?) but I LOVED the music. That is a good soundtrack.

Craft #2-
While watching Pirates I started cutting out fabric. I have wanted to make quilts with my classes for a LONG time but have never gotten around to cutting out the squares. I have TONS of fabric scraps at school so I decided enough was enough. I started cutting... and kept cutting during...

Movie #3-
Good Year. Dumb movie. Don't waste your time. I hadn't heard much about it but it looked cute so I thought I would take a chance. The best thing about the movie was when it had finished I had over 280 squares cut out plus about 100 smaller pieces for seam samples.

Craft #3-
I broke down a bought a crochet book. It was a Michaels with a 50% off coupon. I really want to learn how to crochet more than the 2 things I currently know. But after trying to learn how to do a granny square, I might have to stick with what I know. I don't know if I will every understand Crochet language. But isn't the book fun.

I love the table of contents.

Movie #4-
After Good Year finished, and I was still trying to crochet, I found A View from the Top on TV. That movie is fabulous and repaired all the damage done by dumb movie #3.

Movie #5-
I rented The Nativity last night along with Good Year. I haven't watched it yet but I think it might be my activity for tonight with a big bowl of popcorn. And maybe a few more attempts at crocheting.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Apparently I've got skills...

Bouquet making skills. I went to a bridal shower on Wednesday for a friend that is getting married. It was me, 2 of her roommates and a bunch of women she works with or is related to. We were the youngest by at least 30 years. Kind of funny! Anyhwho... we got selected to be the makers of her "bow"quet with all the bows and ribbons from her presents. My 2 friends kindly passed them to me, and so I began. The ladies around us were soo impressed and kept asking me if I had done this before. I replied "no, this is my first time." My friends found the need to tell everyone, "She teaches Home Ec." Like that makes me extra crafty or something. So then at the end of the shower a lady comes up to me and asks me if I teach how to make these bouquets. What? Are you serious!! I replied as nicely as I could without laughing out loud. Maybe I should start a class. Anyone want to sign up?

It doesn't look very good in the picture- I had to add some tacky stuff at the end. But there is a little handle for her to even hold on to. Funny!

p.s. It was me that got the speeding ticket, and I don't expect my "friend" to help pay for it- although it was AT the airport that I got the ticket. But I guess a ticket just adds to the fact that she should pay some for the gas. And still hasn't made any mention of it. In fact she made me drive her to the temple this morning for our Relief Society Birthday celebration. I wanted to go to IKEA after, but SHE didn't have time. I am getting a little tired of her "friendship"...

Monday, March 12, 2007


1) I was kind of sad to see Rob and Amber go last night on Amazing Race... only because I wish Mirna and Schmirna would have gotten the boot. They are Crazy (with a capital C).

2) On Saturday I saw a lady walking her dog... in a stroller. Yep! The dog was in a stroller and she was pushing it like it was perfectly normal. I wanted to take a picture sooo bad but couldn't figure out how to do it all casual like.

3) I forgot to take a before picture of my room. It is still a mess- hopefully by the end of this week I won't have to dig through 5 boxes to find what I need.

4) I visited the ER last week- they took me away in an Ambulance- from school. Apparently I was quite the talk of the school. ha ha. I have been getting REALLY bad nose bleeds the last three weeks and on Thursday I got a whopper. It wouldn't stop so the school nurse said I needed to go to the hospital. They say to go to the hospital if it doesn't stop bleeding after 10 minutes... but they don't do anything to help you there other than have you pinch your nose. Thanks but I can do that at home, for free. I went to an Ear Nose and Throat doctor after the hospital and he cauterized my nose. THAT was quite the experience. I have never had so many things shoved up my nose before. And hope to never again.

5) I am making a student wash over 100 lids from Lays chip containers for me right now. Cruel? Maybe. But he was tardy 3 times which equals a detention and it is challenging to think of an hour of boring things for him to do. Any suggestions for future detentioners?

6) It is supposed to be 70 degrees (aka 20 celsius) outside today and I am trapped inside. It is so hard being a teacher.

7) When should you help pay for gas when driven somewhere? Let's say you drove a friend to the airport that was OVER an hour away and then picked her up again the next day... should you give her (or him) some money? And what if that person got a speeding ticket? Should you contribute to that as well? Just wondering.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Moving Out...

Tomorrow (well today as of the last 2 minutes) I am moving out. I am so ready for a change. I am a little overwhelmed with how much stuff I had. It kinda makes me wish I hadn't found so many cute things at Target on Clearance... but not really!
The bathroom still hasn't been cleaned... nasty. Only one more shower to go. Yuck. I seriously don't get it. How can people not care?
I will try to take before and after pictures of my new room. The afters might take awhile. It is going to be a struggle as I am downsizing MAJORLY on closet space. I have hung up 2 shoe and a shelf hangy thing from IKEA in my new closet and it is half full. Old closet- they maybe took up a 10th. Sad. Oh well. Happy for everything else. Better get to bed as my bed needs to be ready to move at 10 am.