Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mom.

Happy Mother's Day!
Our ward's munch and mingle today was dedicated to our Mother's. We were asked to bring food that reminds us of our Mom's. So I made...
(sorry for the bad picture... I took it with my cell phone)
Orange Jell-o with mandarin oranges and shredded carrots. My Mom used to always make this. Before she had grandchildren and son-in-laws that won't eat jell-o that has stuff in it. It is always the big Mormon joke of bringing jello with shredded carrots... but I like it. Although I have never made it before and haven't had it in YEARS. And I actually didn't get to eat any today as I left church early because I couldn't stop coughing.

Mom- I love you and I am grateful for all that you have done for me.
Thank you for teaching me how to:
make a bed
and so much more.
And Happy Mother's Day to all my sisters who are also mother's. You are all amazing. Thank you for your wonderful examples.


Andrea said...

I totally forgot about that jello. So funny that you made it. Mom should just make it for the rest of us anyways. haha.
You are amazing!
Happy Mothers Day to you!

Rachel said...

that is so true mother's are amazing! can't believe i am one now-that's a lot of pressure.

Rachel said...

ps are you in canada now?? and i just tagged you on my blog read up