Sunday, June 8, 2008


is the lowest form of humor. That is what Elder DeGroot & Elder Christiansen would frequently say to me while I was serving the Lord on my mission. They claimed that President Hinckley said that. And my response was "at least he admits that it is humor."
I am a VERY sarcastic person. And even when I am not being sarcastic, I still sound sarcastic. This has gotten me into trouble. I am trying to stop. But being around 12- 14 year olds all day does not help the problem.

Here are some of the times my sarcastic ways have gotten me in trouble:

-freshman year at Ricks. I was watching tv with a roommate. A commercial came on- I remember it clearly- it was advertising the brand new show "Just Shoot Me" with David Spade. She said "I really want to see that." I responded "Yeah, me too." Seconds later she ran into our room crying. I was quite perplexed so I followed her and listened through the door as she cried on the phone to her sister. She explained "We were watching tv and a commercial came on for a tv show that I really wanted to see and so I said I really want to see that. And she said yeah, me too." As a new set of tears bursted forth.
But I really did want to see that show- although I have never watched an episode of it. But the previews did look funny. Back in the day.
It was then I knew this was going to be a long life of sarcasm for me.

-last 3 months of my mission. One of the Elders I had the privilege of serving in the same ward with was an interesting kid. He thought he was the big cheese. And acted like it. I had served around him before and knew how he worked. He told me once "I don't know how to respond to your stimulus." My stimulus being sarcasm. We had many chats about my sarcasm and his inability to handle it. So I honestly tried to overcome it. It was hard. But I tried. That still makes me laugh. My stimulus. Apparently all boys have problems responding to my stimulus. Hence my singleness. (that was sarcasm). :)

-Spring break 2008. Yep- a couple of months ago. I blogged about trying Arby's Chocolate Turnover's that I had heard were to die for. Or more like return to Arby's several times a week for. (I haven't done that but I have heard there is someone out there who has). And I quote
I have heard that the chocolate turnovers at Arby's are quite delicious. So I decided to try it. It might look good but it really isn't. It is just a flaky, chocolatey, creamy, triangle of nastiness. If I were you, I wouldn't go get one. (then there will be more for me)" I thought that last part in brackets canceled all sarcasm used. Nope. As I spoke with my friend about them and if she had gone to try them she told me no, because I had said they were gross.

-Last semester I was explaining to one of my classes the exciting thing we were going to do that day. One student raised her hand and said "you don't sound very excited." I knew it was my sarcastic tone getting in the way. So I re-explained the events in an airheaded cheerleader fashion. Apparently that is the only way I can sound non sarcastic.

-2 posts ago about my dilemma over going to the dance. I didn't really want or need a new dress, a date, or a limo. I was just poking fun at the 8th grade girls that take a Middle School dance so seriously. But apparently my sarcasm got me in trouble again.

I want to change. I really do. But sarcasm is what I know. And what I do best. Does anyone know of a book that will help me over come my sarcastic tendencies?

Or maybe I should write a book on how to respond to my stimuli. :)

i apologize for the wacky font sizes and colors. I have tried to fix it... but it keeps getting worse.


Kristi said...

I get you. I sense your stimuli, and know when it is real, and not real. I too have a bit of an issue with sarcasm. sometimes it is hard to read. sometimes it is fun messing with people too though.

shaniqua said...

are you sure you didn't add the "(then there will be more for me)" after you originally posted it, because i swear i don't remember seeing that part? if i had, then i would have known it was sarcasm.

i'm much too sarcastic too, so maybe we could join a group that supports and teaches people not to be sarcastic. oh are leaving soon and wouldn't be able to. nevermind. i'll find someone better.

p.s. i get your sarcasm so don't feel too bad.

Rachel D said...

ha ha i was totally laughing-out loud mind you- about the first experience w good ole kim. it all came back to me, she was trippy. all over a commercial-wow. those were the days huh

Andrea said...

You have great stimuli. haha. that's hilarious.
It's a hard thing to stop.
Good luck.

Kim said...

I'm sarcastic too...but I never knew it could get you into trouble! I guess I better watch myself :)