Monday, June 30, 2008

What a trip.

10 states and 2 provinces. Here are some of the highlights:
We ate at Whitecastle. I have heard about it and finally got to experience their sliders (mini burgers). They were soggy/greasy and left a nasty aftertaste. PLEASE ignore my pointy chin and my hair that looks super greasy (I promise I showered that morning). I was trying to be IN the picture- my photographer didn't tell me I wasn't and looked nasty. She's fired.

This crazy white car followed us the WHOLE way home. We were finally able to lose them in Saskatchewan but they seemed to always find us when we stopped for gas.

A nice person pointed out my soon to be flat tire while we were cruising down the highway. We found a gas station- put some air in it and found a repair place. Here is my family waiting for my tire to be repaired. Aren't they cool?

This is the nice man repairing my tire. But then he found another hole that couldn't be repaired so he found another place that had a tire for my car. So we drove there...

And Kristi got to continue reading her magazine.

We were on the search for a hotel north of Chicago and took an exit that apparently wouldn't let you back on the highway. So the next day we took back roads. But after not finding the road we were looking for we decided to ask this nice lady for directions. She was taking her cat for a walk in a stroller. yup. Cat. in a stroller. Weird.

Whenever I looked to my right, this is what I saw. So I just kept my eyes on the road and all was well. :)

We passed a Sonic after my flat tire. I was kicking myself the whole time as I was sure it was the only one along our route. But tis not so- Minnesota apparently just got their first Sonic. And I think the whole state came to partake of its goodness. There was a police officer directing traffic. We had to go to a parking lot down the street.

Where we had a Sonic sign placed on our windshield.

And there we sat until it was our turn. Mmmmmm. Sonic. So good.

My car reached 100000 km's (60000 miles) a few miles south of Bowbells, North Dakota. We celebrated by pulling over to take some pictures (my sister has them on her camera) and ate a mini snickers.

It was a miracle that they let me and all my stuff across the border. I just had to list everything I had with me and what it was worth.

The highlight of Saskatchewan was seeing the site where Corner Gas is filmed. The rest of Saskatchewan was


Good thing I had this fun gal to keep me entertained.


Andrea said...

ahhh.. so fun.
Love the photos. What a cute cool fam you have.
hahaha- cat for a walk. hilarious. and I must agree on the boring sk.

Kristi said...

nice. very nice. aren't I the cutie. good times.

Craig and Amanda Penton said...

sounds like and exciting cross country trips always are.