Thursday, June 5, 2008

What to do...

If you haven't noticed by now, I am a horrible decision maker. Although I have been making major decisions lately (like Grad school and moving) and feeling good about them. Usually I am second guessing myself every day for weeks.

So now it comes to my next huge-life-altering decision.

Tomorrow night is the 8th grade semi-formal dance.

I haven't bought my dress or got a date or even booked a limo.

Crazy I know.

But do I go? I have missed it the last 3 years and this is my last year at this school.

Could be fun. Could be crazy.


Sweet Cherie said...

Take Ben Harwood. He would be a fun date.

Andrea said...

Of course you should go. Live life. Just dance. Have fun.
Unless of course you have to clean your room or something. just kidding! GO!
How many people get to go to a grade 8 dance (in the US of A)?

Jenica said...

I speak from experience--school dances make you lose your faith in humanity.