Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reason #2- I will miss Virginia

Personalized license plates.

Apparently Virginia is the #1 state for personalized license plate with 16% of license plates being personalized. Here are a few that I was able to photograph as I was stuck in traffic throughout my time here.

This one reminds me of the "little person" on Amazing Race and her cousin that the other teams called Mirna and Smirna. ha ha.

I don't get this one? Any ideas?

yes, Y?

Do you think they mean the animal or perhaps a daughter named Cat?

What would your license plate say? Mine would say:

get it? Too bad someone in Virginia has already taken it!


shaniqua said...

the fact that you have taken pictures of so many peoples license plates worries me.

the reason for so many: because they are cheaper than in other states. fyi.

oh, and i'm also sad that i still haven't made the list of reasons why you'll miss va.

Andrea said...

I'm dumb and don't get it.
I love the smirna. haha.
And wow- the traffic.

Kristi said...

mine would be wteva, or some variation of that! funny.

Darin said...

I really get irritated with the ones that don't make sense--if it needs an explanation, you shouldn't have it. But once, while driving with friends down by Williamsburg, we saw one that made us look twice:
Friend Chris: Does that say "HOT POOH?"
Friend Ryan: Oh my gosh that license plate says "HOT POOH"
The others in the car laugh and Elliot the driver nearly ran us off the road.
Good times.

Sweet Cherie said...

My favorite of all the license plates I've seen was on an Infiniti. Across the back of the truck of the car was "Infiniti" in shiny letters and the license plate just below that said "&beyond". Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!

Rachel D said...

wow, i've seen more on this post than i ever have in real life, what does that mean? lots of cheapskates in idaho. and apparently a lot of people w a lot of time on their hands in va to think of these things-must be all the hours spent in traffic