Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break

It has been quite the week- I was going to go on an exciting road trip but decided to stay home and work on my lengthy to do list.
But I did take a little road trip, with my friend Leslie, to the town of Luray, Virginia. To discover the Luray Caverns. Pretty cool stuff. The weirdest thing was when you walked out of the gift shop there were stairs that led to the cavern. (the light at the top of the stairs is the gift shop)

Being down there made us hungry. Maybe it was the gigantic cupcake/ ice cream cone looking rock formation...

Or maybe the "cave bacon"...

Or maybe the 2 sunny side up eggs.

Speaking of food- I have heard that the chocolate turnovers at Arby's are quite delicious. So I decided to try it. It might look good but it really isn't. It is just a flaky, chocolatey, creamy, triangle of nastiness. If I were you, I wouldn't go get one. (then there will be more for me) And yes, Anitra I went without you. You had your chance to get one with me and YOU said no.


Andrea said...

That's some nasty looking "food".
Looks like fun caves though.

shaniqua said...

i did not say no....i did not!!

i am still upset you went to luray with out me.

but i guess i will forgive you since i'm pretty sure one of the projects you stayed home to work on is for the little bundle of joy in my belly (c:

oh, and i'll also forgive you since you helped so much to paint our house and move us in.