Thursday, June 26, 2008


Greetings from Ohio. What an adventurous day of traveling it has been.

I managed to give away or sell or stuff into my car and my parents car everything I own. We stopped in Leesburg to shop at the outlets. Anitra was kind enough to meet me there for a few last moments together.

We carried on and stopped a few miles up the road at a cute antique store. I found a vintage soda pop sign I really wanted. The lady said it was $95 but they would give it to me for $45. I couldn't do it. For the money. And the fact that space is VERY limited. So we carried on.

But HAD to stop at the ribbon outlet in Hagerstown. Luckily ribbon can easily be smooshed into small crevasses.

A road trip with my sister Kristi wouldn't be complete without a stop at Cracker Barrel- in West Virginia.

Then we drove through the scariest lightning storm I have EVER witnessed. There was one flash of lightning that seriously made my sad, pathetic life also flash before my eyes. Yikes.

Tonight we are in Columbus- awaiting the sweet Eddie Bauer Warehouse sale to start in 11 hours. Can't wait. And pizza in Chicago. mmmmm.

But I miss Virginia. It doesn't seem real that I have left for good. I am not sure when it will.


Andrea said...

Glad you're safe and on the way. Buy me some shirts ok? Thanks.

shaniqua said...

noooooo!!! cooooommee baaaaaack!!! i'm not ready for you to be gone! i can't handle this pain and heartache!

and seriously...with all the stops you guys make, it's going to take years for you to make it home.

Sweet Cherie said...

Reston witout Shelley will seem so empty :-(

Rachel D said...

girl where are going? what is your plan? do fill me in, i'm clueless overhere

Rachel D said...

ps nice pic, you could totally sell that on getty images or ebay or sometyhing

Shelley said...

I actually didn't take that picture!!! I stole it from the local news website! Shhhh.