Thursday, January 10, 2008


It never fails... as soon as I clean something, it gets dirty. I do laundry, I spill something on my nice clean clothes. I clean the inside of my car (since it is so stinking warm here) and I get cow's blood everywhere. Yup! Cow's blood. I went grocery shopping this morning before school to pick up the last few groceries for the semester including some ground beef for lasagna. I go to take the bag of beef out and it LEAKED all over the floor and dripped on to my backseat. Gross. I am such a germaphobe anyways and this didn't help. Luckily I had wipes in my car (so I can clean my hands after touching the nasty gas pumps and other various nasty things) and used them to clean the blood. It was amazing how well the wipes worked. I might have to do some major scrubbing later though. I don't want any of my passengers to get ecoli!


Sydney said...

That is simply hilarious! Who'd ever thought that Wipes would be so universal! I'll have to put some in my car as well... although it does sound like it's in the beginning stages of OCD. hahaha! I'm sorry it was grose though! I spilled roast beef juice all over the back seat of one of my cars. That wasn't too pleasant. I scrubbed and scrubbed with multiple different toxins and there was still a faint wiff of it sometimes... but I sold that car. HA!!

shaniqua said...

one time a guy put a bottle of grape juice in the back floorboard of my car with the cap not tightened. and all he'd give me to clean it up with was NEWSPAPER!!! when i still had a 45 minute drive back to my house before i could clean it properly...but it was midnight!! yeah...every now and again i still smelle the grape juice. although i guess its turned into wine by now.

jessica said...

HOLY COW! thats sick. the end.