Saturday, January 19, 2008

and the best game you can name...

is the good ol' hockey game.
The Oilers were in DC this Thursday so I just HAD to go show my support. Luckily Elaine, Darin, Adam & Sydney came with me so I didn't have to go alone.
And what a game it was. The Oilers were the first to score... and again. We were still winning when I took this picture- Then it was tied 4-4. After sudden death- it was still 4-4 so we had a shootout.

It kept going and going and going. I thought we were going to be there ALL night. Good thing I brought some tasty Canadian snacks with us. (even though I was told the Smarties were stale... and tasted like mint. Sorry.) But then the worst thing happened... a player from the Capitals scored and the shootout was over. So sad. But such a good game. It was so good that my brother-in-law came all the way from Edmonton to watch it. And maybe to attend some conference or something. But as soon as we sat down, I looked for him and found him. Of course he had seats 8 rows behind the goalie and we had seats 8 rows from the top. Whatever. (click on the picture to see him)

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Andrea said...

I can't believe you found him. wow. how fun to be there for such a long game.