Sunday, January 27, 2008

Now I know why your mother calls ya' Nutsy.

That is the number of times a girl in my ward said "umm" during her 15 minute talk. 59. I thought I was going to go nuts. I wonder if anyone else in my ward noticed or if I really am nuts?


AmandaStretch said...

I blame the baby in my lap for not noticing. That's sad and funny!

Darin said...

I only had 4 hrs of sleep the night before (dang 6:30 meeting). I was kind of in and out all through church. I got the jist of the talks, but I wasn't alert enough to catch that. Odd though, it is something I normally would catch and be bothered by.

jessica said...

ummm what do u ummmm mean? ummmm Its not as bad as "like"