Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Today is the first day of the rest of the semester.

2nd semester started today.
This is my 150th post.
Today is my roommate's birthday.

Happy Birthday Elaine.

What a magical day.
To celebrate these blessed events I am going to have a contest. Yup. That's right. A contest. So to be entered for my contest you need to write a comment. In your comment tell me a story about your worst roommate or your favorite teacher!! I will then choose a winner and they will receive an ultimate prize package. I can't tell you what is in the prize package but it is going to be GOOD! So comment your little hearts out. You have until I wake up on Saturday! It might be early. It might be late.

hint- it would not be wise to tell a story about ME being your worst roommate! Even though I probably was.


shaniqua said...

if i had to tell a story about my best roommate it would definitely be you! (c: as short as it was.

my worst roommate was when i first moved to va. she was older, and she was mean, and she was psycho. no joke. one time she came home from work early because she had a migraine. her bedroom was in the basement below the kitchen. there i was, peacefully making my lunch. (how loud can it be making a sandwich??) when all of a sudden she comes upstairs and starts yelling at me for how loud i was being. she said she can hear every move i make so i basically need to stay out of the kitchen. then she started emptying the dishwasher and slamming the dishes around. then there was another time, that she was on the phone and i asked her how long she'd be because i needed to call my mom, whose father had just passed away. she informed me that she would take as long as she wanted. i asked if she could give me a time frame. she started yelling, hung up on who ever she was talking to and was all "FIIIINE!!! USE THE PHONE!!!!" those are just a few of the stories. would you like to hear my favorite teacher story too? (c:

Mikaela said...

I 2nd that my best roommate was you too ML! hehe!

Worst roommate...well I have so many crappy ones to choose from, how do you choose? I'm going with Kim. Just for the sheer fact that the chick didn't bath the first 6 to 8 weeks of school in our apartment. She never changed her sheets, she never went to class, and she was just plain WEIRD to the max! I remember the time that she burned a rubber spatula while making almond roca (pro-nounce rock-a according to her) and then served them to the sister missionaries. Or how about the time that we were having FHE and she was belting "Awesome God" in the background to get attention from the brothers? Her driving was also horrible as was the fact that she used my everyday scissors to cut up a chicken breast!!!!!!! I recall the many times we had to air out her bedroom when she would leave for the weekend because it stunk so bad. Plus, it was Rexburg! Holy crap there were so many things! Oh, and one final clincher....it's pronounced babble not babel in reference to the tower! LOL!!!!!!!

Andrea said...

hmm... worst roommie was Kristi and kim. hahaha. just kidding. One of my first roommates who would yell at all of us all the time for everything. She had to get up early so was so mad if we'd make any noise after she went to bed and come yell then. Then in the morning she'd turn her stereo on really loud to get us back. just a little immature. But that was nothing compared to my worst companion.
My first best teacher was Mr. Maze because he was fun and did so many different things. I don't think you like him though. Anyway.. I'm sure I've had lots of good ones but I can't think.

shaniqua said...

you said i could share another story, so here it goes.

i had another roommate who...well, where do i start. she had a boyfriend who lived a few hours away, and he'd come on the weekends. then he lost his job. no joke, he'd come on fridays and not leave until the following tuesday and wednesday. every other week!! oh yeah, and she also made him his own copies of the keys to our place with out asking or telling us! he would also always get in the shower before me...the shower didnt drain well. so i'd go in to shower, and there'd be 4 inches of water still standing there with all of his leftovers! GROSS!!
she would also miss the trash can a lot when trowing things away in the bathroom :/
she'd also race me home from church on sundays, so she could get into the kitchen first and spread out all of her stuff. and start cooking before i could.
she'd also slam the door EVERY SINGLE time she left the house.
she'd also take approximately 2 hours in the bathroom to get ready.
hmmm...what else? she held a house meeting saying that we should each have an assigned night to be able to have people over.
that's just the beginning of that one.

this is fun. so many great memories.

Kristi said...

haha. I was going to say andrea, but she was fun. we would sneak out our bedroom window so that our annoying roomates wouldn't ask us where we were going all the time! I can't think of any really bad things- but Karalee was bad in the mornings. she always had to get up before me, so her alarm would go off, and she would sleep right through it until I would wake her up. all the time.argh! I am sure I had worse experiences- oh, we did have a roomate who snuck her boyfriend in, overnight- a few times, so we told our RA, and she caught him hiding in the closet, and she went home. yay. and Liz. she was weird, but I can't think of any specifics. good times.

Bobbi-Jo said...

I have never had a roommate, but I had the BEST teacher in the world.

He was my 12th grade English teacher, Mr. Coburn, and he opened my eyes to the wonderful and incredibly thrilling world of essay writing. LOL! Seriously, though, he made me feel as though anything were possible, and that having the ability to open my mind, then write about it with full purpose of heart, that I could create a new awareness for mankind and really change the world! He would often use my essays in class to demonstrate both writing skills and my point of view, and though he moved on to another school the next year, he came back to present me with the English Award for my graduating class, which was so amazing for me. During that awards ceremony he told the audience that he has rarely come across a pupil with such promise, and often I could have been the one teaching the class! See how that would stick with you? I also loved that he would bring in his guitar and sing Raffi-type songs to teach us certain principles - soooo funny.

Because of the fun and inspiring way he taught, I pursued writing a novel, though becoming a mother has temporarily put that on hold. Because of him I also pursued becoming a teacher, though again - motherhood first. He listened to his students, acknowledged them, and guided them in the right direction, all the while filling them with a sense of self-confidence and self-assurance. At that time I needed a confidence boost. I know every student in his classes felt like they were #1 *only I really was ;)* ha!

While I've had several fabulous teachers in my life, both through church and school, he has always stuck out in my mind as my ideal teacher.

Anonymous said...

okay, i've just come across your blog through talia ( this is her sister niki...remember me?)...anyway - i had over 30 roomates in my life before i got married, and i can tell you that several of them were doosies!! but my worst was one of my companions. the first night we were together she told me that she "sometimes gets possessed by devils, so i might have to get it out." and how might one do that i asked? well, she raised her arm and said some crap and i told her that she was going to have to concentreate really hard on not getting possessed whie woth me b/c there was NO WAY i was doing that! and that was the start of a lovely 2 months filled with devil pssesion stories, the 'spirits' that come and go with us during our day, and how her dad was a priest in the chirch of satan. yup - a real treat that one was!!
i don't know who my favorite teacher was...mostly i got in trouble by all of them a lot. well, have a good one!


Anonymous said...

i made lots of spelling errors...it's late, and i'm tired and pregnant!

- niki

Shelley said...

Of course I remember you Niki. Thank you for sharing that fabulous story. I have a deeper appreciation for my "crazy" companions. Yikes.
Why are there so many wack-o's out there? Keep the great stories coming.

Kayli said...

Hmmm, lots of long stories about roommates, so I guess I'll add my own.
Only, it's not actually about my roommate, but my sister's. That's cause I only had one year at school before I got married and my roommates were all right.
My sister's, however...ugh!!! They lived next door to Brett, who I was engaged to, so we saw each other a lot. They had these real snooty attitudes. Like, sometimes when I came over, I would whistle, cause then Kami will say "I'm over here" or whatever (we always do that, in stores and whatever to find each other). And this particular roommate, Marshell, was like, "She's not a dog!" And I was thinking, umm-she can tell me that herself if she has a problem with it.

They also would have roommate prayers at night and then they would have a group hug and I would always jump out before the hug cause I didn't want to-and they would say that I was immature. Anyway, it irked.

I have to tell this one story because it's really funny to me. One day this one roommate was saying how excited she was that there was only 3 weeks left of the semester, cause then she was going home, home, home! and because she is the way she is, and because I KNEW it would make her freak out, I could NOT resist saying "I can't wait for the end of the semester, cause then I'm getting married and get to have sex, sex, sex!" And she did freak out, just like I knew she would...screamed and covered her ears. Very amusing.

Okay, maybe I am immature, but they brought out this side of me. Anyway, maybe not as bad as some other roommate stories, but it's what I've got.