Sunday, January 13, 2008

December... where have you gone?

I am sure you have all been dying to know what I did during the month of December... You can now sleep at night because here is a little review for your reading pleasure.

The 2nd weekend before Christmas I went to visit my Aunt while she was in Williamsburg. We had a lovely visit. We went to the Williamsburg museum that used to be a mental hospital. Interesting. I of course had to go to Sonic. I LOVE Sonic. I went twice in 2 days. Here is me enjoying a strawberry limeade. I may look like a crazy, creepy weirdo... but I am just in heaven. So yummy. I decided to venture out and try a slushie on my second trip and that was even more divine. It had chunks of fruit in it! The closest Sonic is an hour away. I really want to go back and am tempted everyday. But so far I have resisted. I don't think it is going to last long though. So if you want to go on a little road trip with me- let me know. I will even be nice and post a menu so you can decide now what you are going to get. I recommend the burgers, tots, blasts, limeades, and slushies. The next weekend I flew home. Two of my sisters and their kids were there to welcome me with signs. So cute. I think she was the most excited to see me. On Christmas Eve we had our traditional pizza dinner. Then we drove to Spruce Grove where the chapel out there had a live nativity. The car ride with my sister and her 5 kids was very exciting. See... look how excited her husband was about it all.It was cold. VERY cold. I forgot my toque in Virginia But did manage to find my lobster mittens!!
A few days later was the big chop. Luckily I had enough to cut off for the required donation. And luckily my sister has great hair cutting skills.
A week AFTER Christmas I finally finished a Christmas present for my sister Jill. I think it is pretty darn cute (if I do say so myself!)


Andrea said...

You have some hilarious pictures there. hahaha. Too funny.
What a great December.

Megan Andrea said...

Dear Shelley,
I would like to go on a road trip to sonic with you. Thank you.

shaniqua said...

i wanna go to sonic!! let's go!