Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday Manners Moment

I apologize from the bottom of my heart for not having manners moments for you the past 2 Mondays. Hopefully I had taught you all enough skills to make it through the holidays with out any etiquette malfunctions. Here are some malfunctions I encountered while on my vacation.

1) Loud talkers. If you are talking to one person then please talk to that one person. Please do not talk loud enough for the ENTIRE plane to hear. Her sons name is Luke, she used to live in Seattle, Luke slept on the whole trip with his Dad to Spokane, yadda, yadda, yadda. And when we landed she called her husband and then put it on speaker so Luke could talk to him... and the whole plane could enjoy that conversation too.

2) Slow people. I was running through the Minneapolis airport trying to catch my last flight. I decided I would qickly grab some food so went to a place where the line didn't seem too long. Little did I know that the couple in front of me were out for a nice Saturday evening meal. they obviously didn't have anywhere to go and forgot (or didn't care) where they were. They held up the food line, the money line and even the napkin line. Pay attention to your surroundings people, and get out of the way of those who might be pressed for time. You are in an AIRPORT for crying out loud.

That is all I can recall at the moment. Not too shabby... but I did spend the rest of my non-airport time in Canada and we all know how polite Canadians are! :)

Here is a quote for you to ponder the rest of the week-
Good manners are a way of making things easier for another person.
- Jeanne Thwaites
(I guess that lady did make it easier for me to hear her conversation...)

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