Sunday, April 23, 2006


Sister Andrea Ence is one of my favorite people! We met in the MTC. We weren't in the same district but our districts did everything together. We never had the blessing of being companions but we loved being together every chance we could- at sister's conference, Zone conference, etc. We did have a chance to live together for a few weeks when my companion and I got forced out of our apartment! She is perfect- beautiful girl, gorgeous hair, tall, amazing testimony- all around fabulous! Shortly after her mission she got married. A perfect boy for this perfect girl! He is Elder Bruce R. McConkie's grandson! They were the cutest couple EVER! Perfect for each other.
This morning I got an email from my mission president that broke my heart. Andrea's husband, Steven, died on Friday after battling cancer. He was only 27 years old! They have a son and had only been married a few years! His obituary made me feel so sad and helpless! I want to do something to help Andrea and her family.
Then I went to church. The talks in sacrament were about missionary work! The High counselor who talked was diagnosed with brain cancer- his wife was his speaking companion. She was amazing with her testimony and strength. You could tell he was weak and tired but gave a simple, strong talk! I BAWLED! All I could think about was Andrea! And how sad, and alone, and scared she must feel. I want to so badly do something to help her! But what.... words are never enough. But being so far away limits greatly what I can do! I have vowed to be a better friend. I don't want to forget birthdays! I want to keep in touch and know what is going on with my friends. I want my friends to know that I love them!!
And so today I will try! I started by calling an old roommate. She was actually diagnosed with colon cancer shortly after she got married and found out she was pregnant. She has moved and we haven't been the best at emailing. So today I called her parents and got her number. I called her, but she wasn't home. I talked to her husband and it was sooo good to hear his voice. There is nothing like the familiar voice of an old friend.
May this sad experience teach me that life is precious... and short! And no one should have to go through it alone!


Andrea said...

So sad!!! You're totally right though- we need to keep in better touch with our friends. Life is too short to waste time worrying and being mad or whatever. You've inspired me to be more loving and keep in better touch with others. I need to be greatful for all I have.
Thanks Shell for the reminder! Love ya!!!

Kristi said...

I need to teach that to my yw- they are having a teenage girl crises, everything is so major, so and so hates me, blah blah blah- just forget it, and be friends! sheesh! Love you too!