Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I've been tagged....

in my fridge:
1. yogurt-I have become recently obsessed. I eat it every day for lunch! No osteoporosis for me! (I hope!)
2. snow cone flavors - a friend gave me a snow cone maker for my birthday last year... I think I need to have a snow cone party!
3. snicker salad- YUM! I made it this weekend with easter snickers bought at 75% off!
4. milk- skim all the way!
5. turkey taco meat... that I need to throw away! My mom bought me ground turkey when she was here in August. I finally cooked it and made tacos... a few weeks ago. They were NASTY and I need to throw it away. I will do it today!

In my closet:
1. my sewing machine... that I really need to drag out and work on my quilt.
2. 3 hanging shoe holders from Ikea- love them. I need new shoes so I may need to buy a 4th.
3. my superman towel that a friend gave me last year for my birthday! LOVE it!
4. my 72 hour kit... that I need to add a bit more to. And I can't decide if I should keep in in the closet or move it to my car... what do you think?
5. my luggage... that is waiting for me to take them on an exciting adventure... maybe to Sherwood Park this summer. Ha ha!

In my purse:
1. a wet wipe from TGI Fridays in NYC. I am keeping it for an emergency! By then it will probably be dried up!
2. my new digital camera!! You never know when there may be the perfect picture! Then I will have to find it, turn it on and by then, the opportunity will be gone. But it's that thought that counts, right?
3. wallet- the cutest one I've ever owned... bought at Target.
4. a coupon for Edy's Fruit Bars- Holy Cow they are good!
5. a memory stick I need to return to Best Buy.

In my car
1. my umbrella- we had flash flood warnings this weekend- it was pretty wet!
2. carmex- can't leave home without it.
3. a Book of Mormon- I am prepared the spread the gospel at ANY moment!
4. quarters (and a looney)- for the lovely toll roads that dot the land out here!
5. gum- a car necessity!

On my DVR ( also don't have one- but in my VCR I have...)
1. Gilmore girls
2. The Amazing Race
3. Cash Cab
4. Phil of the Future
5. High School Musical (If 12 year old girls can love it- why can't I?)

Umm... there are only 4 people who read this so if you want to be tagged... consider yourself tagged... Kim and Talia

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Kim said...

So fun reading your answers! This is my first time being tagged!