Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Under the Weather

I think I have been sick more since I have moved home than I was the whole time I lived in Virginia. Weird.

It hit me again. This time I have a fever, aches, runny nose and coughs. It really needs to go away. And soon. Because in 3 sleeps I am going on a cruise to Mexico.

3 of the 4 girls going are sick. I guess it is good that it is happening now and not during the cruise.

And 3 days after I get back from the cruise, I am going to Virginia. That is a lot of travelling but I am super duper excited. Gotta take advantage of having a flexible work schedule. :)

Need to go make some orange juice. My throat is killing me.

Hope the cold/flu hasn't found you lately. If it has/does I will think of you while I'm doing this


Mikaela said...

I didn't know you were going on a cruise, I'm jealous! That's exciting though. I hope you feel better before you have to go!

Andrea said...

Better to be sick in the sun then in the snow I say.
I'll have to tell you a story about a cruise- remind me.

aniC said...

you didnt tell me about this cruise! you're holding out on me. whats up with that, and why wasnt i invited?
i hope you get better and have fun. but not as much fun as you're going to have with me. cause seroiusly, what could be more fun that ribbons and sonic?

Kristi said...

you had better stay in bed and sleep and get all better so you can live it up in Mehico! (said with a spanish accent!) oh- green, and sun, and warm. nice.

Rachel D said...

ahh i love a cruise, so jealous. we went to the mexican riviera and it was bomb. ps i feel the same way about the sick thing, i serioulsy think it's the lack of humidity and severe dryness out here, i was never sick in NY.