Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top O' the Morning to Ya.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

What did YOU do to celebrate?

To celebrate this special day, I decided to get a haircut. Afterwards my hairdresser made me pancakes for lunch. Green pancakes even. Does YOUR hairdresser do that??
Then I went to IKEA to return some things.
And continued to celebrate with green frozen yogurt.

(Please forgive the squinting and the man hand.)

Even the city of Edmonton celebrated with green signs.

And I enjoyed the day driving a green car.


Andrea said...

wow. That's some hairdresser! Atleast she can cook.
Green cones at Ikea? That's awesome.
You were so festive today with all that green.

Kristi said...

they really had green icecream? that is so fun. I think I need to come see your hairdresser!

Kim said...

I made green popcorn...so yummy! I just had to tell you too that I made your spaghetti...and LOVED it!! Now I need to try some of your other recipes. I love that you review them. :)