Monday, February 23, 2009

I tried it.

And it works!

After finding out you can make hash browns in a waffle maker, I HAD to try it.

Hash browns have always been a struggle for me. I am too impatient and stir them too much, which makes them gluey.

So the waffle maker is perfect.

You put them in.

Close it.

And let them cook- both sides at the same time.

It does take awhile so you do need to be patient- but there is no stirring involved!

Love it.

I was tempted to try to cook an egg in there, too... but didn't.

One day I might have to though.

p.s. Don't forget tomorrow is Pancake Tuesday!! So put away your waffle makers until Wednesday... and make some yummy pancakes.

1 comment:

Seth and Rachel said...

Cool! Even cooler...that sweet green waffle maker. I want one!!
I got all the stuff to make your mexican lasagna, I can't wait! And your lips cake looks so yummmy, I'm sure it was. I need to try the red velvet sometime.