Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Did you know?

(I am sure you do know... but I will share anyways!)

French Toast can be made in a Waffle Maker.

It cooks both sides at the same time.

Why should waffles get all the fun of having indents for your syrup and Elmo & Cookie Monster on them!! Or Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty,the state of Texas or (my personal favorite) a keyboard. (Apparently it isn't real, but incredibly awesome!)

While googling "waffle irons" I found something about making hashbrowns in a waffle iron. Genius. I am going to try it.

What have YOU made in a waffle iron?


Kristi said...

you are a genius. I need to get me a fun waffle maker. my boring one just won't cut it anymore!

Andrea said...

I'm boring and only make waffles. I'll have to try french toast.

aniC said...

you've been challenged