Thursday, October 2, 2008

Four Four

I was tagged by my sister Kristi-

and the deal is, you go to your fourth photo file, and post the fourth picture from that file.
Here we go....

so this is it. the fourth picture on my fourth file.
This is me and my Sonic buddy- Anitra. I was feeling a little ill back in May- so I took a sick day. We heard about a new Sonic that opened which was slightly closer than our usual one over an hour away. So we decided a road trip was in order. I have heard Lemon- Berry Slushies cure everything. Mmmmm. 44 ounces of pure heaven. I want one right now.

so- now I am supposed to tag four people to do the same-
Anitra, Mikaela, Midge, and Rachel.

And anyone else that wants to.


Andrea said...

one day I will try one. hopefully. then my life can be complete.

Scott and Kelli said...

oh my goodness, lemon berry slushies are my favorite too! I don't think I've ever tried any other flavor...

Kristi said...

yum sonic.
yum sonic ice.
we need to open one up here. pronto.
it would be so big.
we would need cops to direct the traffic and everything.
thanks for doing my tag!

shaniqua said...

awww, what fun memories!! too bad we cant go on a spur of the moment sonic trip anymore :(