Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Canada- 1 USA- 1

While I appreciate MuchoBurrito's attempt at a delicious burrito:

It just doesn't compare to Chipotle's deliciousness.
And unfortunatley Chipotle is only located in the US of A.
But maybe if they had the lime cilantro rice- like their menu said they serve and every picture shows. Or if the corn salsa didn't contain more beans than corn.
But they did grill it! And give you the choice of a whole wheat or white tortilla!!

So it will do in the case of a major burrito craving. But the USA wins a point for their amazing Chipotle Burrito's. Mmmm.


Mikaela said...

I have a recipe for lime rice and then one for a cream lime-cilantro dressing...it's from Cafe Rio. Sorry, but I like it better than Chipotle...SUPER yummy! So if you wanna try a new recipe out on the fam, and they like lime and cilantro, I'll help ya out, Shell....then you'll be a fan of Cafe Rio, which is a Utah thing!

shaniqua said...

yay for the usa!!

Darin said...

And just think, you could've gotten a free chipotle burrito on Friday for dressing up like one. Yay Chipotle!!