Sunday, April 6, 2008

A weekend of feasting

It has been a great General Conference spiritually feasting weekend. There is so much I need to improve on and become. What was your favorite talk? I can't decide... I liked them all. But one that stands out is Elder Holland's.

"Were those early Christians... who only had access to the gospel of Mark... offended to receive the more detailed account set forth later by Matthew
and Luke. Surely they must have rejoiced that ever more convincing evidence
of the divinity of Christ kept coming."

I had the blessing of watching the Sunday afternoon session with my former roomie Anitra and her hubby Jud- then we feasted physically. I tried a new recipe for dessert. And I think it is a keeper. Super delicious and super easy. Apple dumplings- courtesy of the Pioneer Woman. Check out her blog for the recipe. So yummy.

And we played a rousing game of Skip-Bo.
I LOVE that game. Anitra complained the entire time... and of course won. Sheesh. I think we need a re-match.


shaniqua said...

i didnt NOT complain the ENTIRE time! sheesh! but yes, we should have a rematch. i told jud that i need to buy the game again, since my sister took mine when she moved.

and the dessert was most definitely a keeper! i'm typically a fan of only chocolate desserts, but that one was D-licious!! thanks for dinner and fun and spiritual upliftment (c:

Andrea said...

what a fun time.
We too had a great dessert- cheesecake.
Conference was great. So nice!