Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cry me a river

On the Today Show last week they talked about the differences between movies that make men cry and those that make women cry. Very interesting. Women tend to cry in movies that deal with relationships and emotions whereas men tend to cry during movies with heroes & more "macho" situations like war & sports.

I tend to cry during all of the above. If there is love (cute love, not nasty, sickening love) or death - I cry. Here are some of movies that make me cry.

This is the last movie that made me cry. Only a little bit. It made me sad to think about my nieces or nephews being in a situation like that. Left with me to raise them. That would make anyone cry. ;)

You have no heart if this movie doesn't make you cry. I think I started in the middle and bawled to the very end. So sad. But so good.

HELLO! Who hasn't at one time been in love with their best friend but they are too dumb to notice you? Hello? I am not the only one am I??

And my favorite Gimore Girls reference to Some Kind of Wonderful:

Lorelai: All right, but no taking me to an art museum after hours and then to an empty Hollywood Bowl where you'll give me a pair of diamond earrings that you bought with your college money, when all the time you're really in love with your best friend, the drummer, who's posing as our driver for the evening.

Luke: (Pause) Okay, I'll think of something else.

Love and death. A horrible combination.

I don't remember a thing about this movie (other than it is about fire... and someone dies). But I do remember I cried. And cried. And cried a little more.

ha ha! Didn't make me cry. But it does make me want to make a pancake so big I need a shovel to flip it over.

What movies have made you cry? I won't make fun of you. Pretty sure I cried during it too!


Kim said...

I totally cried in some of those ones too! I bawled through Juno...the whole thing. And hm...I just watched Dan in Real Life and cried just a little :)

Kristi said...

I remember going to the theater with Marie in Junior high shool- or whenever Ghost came out and crying. oh- and bridge to Tarabithia. bawling. so embarrasing to walk out of there all red eyed. and Charly. oh, the list could go on. and on.

Shelley said...

I forgot about Charly. Oh my yes. That was a sad one. Haven't seen Bridge to Tarabithia but want to.

Mikaela said...

I am over here just laughing at your post! You're so funny. I cry during like every church movie....bawled through the new Joseph Smith movie when I saw it last month. I have cried through many of the above stated movies, but another one I bawl everytime at is Mickey's Christmas Carol. LOL, how embarrassing? Have you even seen it? I cry EVERYTIME! Charles teases me about it.

Btw, when we get together, we're making an UB pancake. I so need to see that movie again...LOVE IT!

Andrea said...

My Best Friends Wedding. Can't think of any others, but pretty much any movie makes me cry. I hate ones that are so sad that you're bawling. Not fun.

Craig and Amanda said...

Shelley, If you want a real tear jerker, the last movie that I saw that I cried at (I don't cry at movies) was "August Rush"-- there's this one part in there that just made me bawl. Its a really good movie too-- everyone should see it!
loves amanda