Saturday, April 19, 2008


I went to the grocery store last week and they had strawberries on sale for $1.25. I really like strawberries. So I put a couple in my cart. There was a limit of 8. So as I thought about it, I decided why not just buy 8. So I did.
I washed and cut up 5 of them and froze them for future use. But the others I needed to use right away to make something delicious! My friend invited me over for dinner so I told her I would only come if I could bring dessert. So I made this:Double Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake
I forgot to sprinkle it with Icing (Powdered) sugar. But it was still tasty.

Then I decided to make a special treat for FHE and made this:
Strawberry Freeze
Unfortunately I didn't have time to let it set as long as it was supposed to so it was more like Strawberry Freeze Soup. But a tasty soup. And I forgot to put strawberries on top. Oops.

My roommate is visit taught by the 2 girls that I visit teach so we decided to have a little visiting teaching dinner with the four of us and my companion. This is what I made for dessert:

Strawberry Cheesecake Cups
These were probably my favorite. I learned from the last recipe and made them at school so they would have time to set. (there are benefits to having access to 6 kitchens & equipment).

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of any of them... so thanks to Kraft for making them look so pretty. And delicious. So go buy some strawberries. Mmmm. I actually went to the store again for something else and couldn't walk past the cheap strawberries without putting 3 more in my cart! I have a problem.


shaniqua said...
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shaniqua said...

well, i'll invite you over for dinner again tomorrow if you bring that dessert again (c:

or better yet, let's watch lars and the real girl tonight and have a dessert party with it.

Andrea said...

yum. We ate all our strawberries before I could make a dessert. Must get more.

Craig and Amanda said...

shelley you are the dessert queen!! Do you want to move to Utah, we can make room for you here at our place!!

Kristi said...

yum-o. my strawberries are all gone too. not so cheap here.