Tuesday, November 6, 2007

You are all winners to me!

I am pretty much the most indecisive person ever. And thanks to your fabulous suggestions, I am having a hard time picking a winner. So today I will announce the top 5. In no particular order:
*Sugar Lips
*Lola Falana
*Sweet Caroline

Okay the top 6. I really like them all though. Sheesh this is going to be hard. I loved Darin's suggestion of Margaret but goes by Peggy. Ha ha. I work with a lady that has that name situation. I don't understand...
I am going to sleep on it. Maybe make some cookies tomorrow. And I will get back to you! Feel free to vote for your favorite... but you can't vote for your own!


Mikaela said...

You have some tough choices! Good luck w/ that! I like all of them....I think you just need to weigh your options. Do you want her to have a real person's name like if she's part of the family. Like, Marge and I are going to bake some cookies today or do you want her to be like an accessory? Because I like the name sugar lips, but it's harder to be like, hey, sugar lips and I are baking cookies. Oh wait, maybe I do like the sound of that! lol! Good luck w/ your decision. I HAVE NO IDEA! I never added my opinion, but I like Marge, as in LARGE MARGE! ;)

shaniqua said...

dearest shelley. i dont know if you have the latest version of blogger, but if you do, you can add a poll to let us vote. that way you wont know that i'm voting for my suggestion (c:

Darin said...

I just need to point out that though Fannie (Fanny) is a charming name and all, who really wants to eat cookies and bread that originated in a "Fannie?"

KaderTot said...

Hi Shelley,

You have no idea who I am, but I'm Darin's friend who was co-erced into voting for his beloved Lola something or other. Now, I will admit I like that name, as you can sing "Her name was Lola...she was a mixer...", but even more than that name, I like Iola, as it fits the color of the mixer better than Lola. Have you also considered naming her Karen? (i.e., Karen Carpenter...we've only just begun...) Anyway, those are my thoughts. Take them as you will.

Andrea said...

too hard to vote. I can't decide. Let me ponder.

shaniqua said...

i take offense to the fannie comment. i mean, c'mon. who doesnt put cookies and bread in their fannie packs to eat later on when they are out visiting some place? there is nothing better than a fannie pack snack. just like there is nothing better than naming the kitchen-aid fannie.