Sunday, November 25, 2007

If I had the chance I'd ask the world to dance.

I am in the mood to blog but don't have anything exciting to share. So I decided I will grant Megan's Christmas wish and do her tag-er-ino. (Even though she made me smile during a very SERIOUS part of a hymn while I was leading the music in Church today)

6 things you probably didn't know you wanted to know about me...

1) I can't smile with my teeth showing. Really! It's true. Apparently I have small gums and teeth. My sister (the dental assistant) wants me to have some crazy surgery where they extend your gums. Just thinking about it gives me the heebeegeebees. If Heavenl
y Father wants me to show my teeth when smiling he will fix it when I am resurrected. Or maybe when all of you will be made perfect, you will smile without showing your teeth! :) Here is proof. Me= no teeth. Martha= teeth.2) I keep a journal of every time I go to the temple. I heard something a few years ago about a lady who had been to the temple like 938 times and I wondered how she knew. I then thought to myself- It might be fun to keep a record. I write down what temple, the date, and who I went with. I have currently been to 20 temples! Only 116 more to go!

3) I like to clean fridges. Weird. I know. There is just something about throwing away nasty food, cleaning it all out and reorganizing everything. I once asked a lady on my mission if I could clean out her fridge for our service. (she said yes). It was in need of SERIOUS help. Need your fridge cleaned? Give me a call!

4) When I drive a car in my dreams it is ALWAYS a standard. I don't really know how to drive a standard. I have learned twice but haven't really been able to put that knowledge to use. Except in my dreams, of course. I am secretly scared the car will explode it I put it in the wrong gear.

5) I learned how to play the ukulele in grades 5 & 6. We played such hits as "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and "Silhouette". Those were the days. I remember a girl in my class asked our teacher if we could play the song "Stand" by R.E.M. I laugh every time I hear that song. I wish I still had my ukulele. I would be the hit of every party.

6) I really want my family to be on the Family Feud. We, of course, would win lots of money. And wouldn't give dumb answers. One day. I also want to be on the Amazing Race. I don't know who my partner would be. Someone that can drive a standard, speak 12 different languages and wouldn't yell at me or annoy me. It would also be a dream come true to be on Sesame Street. How cool would that be?


AmandaStretch said...

That fridge offer is tempting. Currently, that's a post-finals project for me.

"Stand" always reminds me of Girl's Camp where we did a dance to it.

Megan Andrea said...

um, i can be your partner becausei could make you laugh and speak 2 languages and drive a standard. and i also like to clean fridges. and iron. i can learn 10 more languages if that makes me more competetive.

Megan Andrea said...

i might yell a little if you were doing something to jeopardize our win and i am only a tiny bit annoying.

Kim said...

Love the list! it made me smile!

Kayli said...

That is cool that you dream about driving a standard.

One time when Brett was working on the brakes in our car (can't remember which one exactly, there've been so many. sigh.) and my job was to hold the brake down as far as possible, and then he would tweak something, and it would make the brake go down even more. It's called bleeding the brakes. So, that night I dreamed that I was driving and went to push on the brakes, but of course, they just sunk lower and didn't work. It was scary.

Also cool that you can play the ukalele. I don't think I spelled that right? but anyway. Awesome.