Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Manners Moment

Here are a few that make me smile:

"Children shouldn't be prompted against their will to kiss people for whom they don't naturally feel affection." (it doesn't say anything about adults!!)

"Don't worry about who get introduced to whom. If you say the name of the more important person first, you'll automatically be handing the introduction properly."

This is dedicated to all those sacrament meeting texters, back rubbers and knitters:
*"It's respectful to focus on the event. Your child might think that the priest won't see him reading a book during the Sunday lesson. One way for your child to evaluate whether or not his behavior is appropriate is to ask himself, 'What if everyone did what I am doing?'"

*Accepting a date:
"A date should be accepted with enthusiasm. You shouldn't be afraid to show happiness at being asked."


Andrea said...

that's hilarious. love the accepting a date. And the church thing. Good point! Hate when people do "other" things at church.

shaniqua said...

i LOVE "and knitters". it's been too long since i've witnessed church knitting. but jud did suggest i take up knitting for church purposes just recently.

Kristi said...

what if you aren't happy about the date? had a couple of those in my days. haha. I have been tempted to try the knitting thing, but I know Cory would not allow it. bugs me when I see the teens reading non-appropriate books in church. a new era or something- maybe, but a novel with skulls on the front(for example) umm- no way!