Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Monday Manners Moment...

On Tuesday. I know your Monday was missing something and I am sorry.
Here is your lesson on manners for the week.

Since we all have this in common- some "netiquette" for us all to enjoy.
And I quote "Combine the words net and etiquette and you get netiquette: manners for the way people relate to each other on the Internet. The internet is effective only when people using it know the rules and honor them. (you can thank me later for helping to make the internet a little more effective for us all!) Netiquette is meant to keep Internet activity organized and civilized.... Each person should be careful not to overwhelm the system by sending junk e-mail, by sending or requesting information needlessly, or by repeatedly posting the same message.
Chat rooms are meant to be visited by people who think similarly and who want to learn more from each other. If your child doesn't like cats, for example, (this is my favorite part) he shouldn't visit a feline fans chat room and say every negative thing he can about cats. (is this a common problem?)
If your child doesn't keep his interactions on the Internet positive, others will enforce netiquette (darn right we will). He might be "flamed" (flooded with negative, vulgar, and threatening messages), "mailbombed" (hit with so many messages that his system and his provider's system may crash), kicked out of a chat room, dropped by his Internet service provider, or- if things get really bad- sued by someone he's offended." WHAT?!?

and last but not least "never spend most of your free time online."

(be sure to scroll down and check out the video below. It is certainly organized AND civilized.)


shaniqua said...

i hate when someone comes into one of my feline fans chat rooms and says negative things about cats!!! cause then we have to flame the person.

Kristi said...

I was looking at a site called spend nothing Christmas, or something to that effect, and there woudl be the odd comment saying they were all scrooges, and to lightne up and go shopping, and I was just like- stay of the site if you are opposed! crazies, indeed. funny. I am all for spending nothing! haha.

Mikaela said...

Was the last manner moment for me? lol! Since I spend too much time on there!

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