Wednesday, October 24, 2007

They say it's your birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Kristi!!

Even though she is in need of some serious dental work... she is a great sister! :)

WHY is she so great?

Because she....
*will beg people for change on a NYC bus
*is the craftiest person I know
*is the cutest scrapbooker EVER (check out her stuff here)
*has really cute kids
*is willing to eat Chipotle Burritos with me everyday
*watches High School Musical... for the kids, of course
*doesn't freak out when she finds a honkin' spider on her leg... oh wait, she did!
*brakes for all Joanns, Targets, Kohl's & Cracker Barrels between Virginia and North Dakota
*watches The Office
*makes yummy cakes
*is a fun road trip companion
*makes me laugh
*wears glasses
*teaches seminary
*can quote Ferris Bueller with the best of them!
*has a great blog
*is a crocheting/ knitting fool
*lets me take pictures like this of her while waiting for the Staten Island Ferry!!

Happy Birthday Kristi! Love ya!! Maybe I will go eat at Chipotle to celebrate!


Kristi said...

very flattering! thanks. I hope lots of people see this- how very cute I am! haha. you are funny.

Andrea said...

nice photo. Ya.. she's a great sister.