Monday, October 29, 2007

my drive to work this morning....

number of dead deer : 3 (on the SIDE of the road- Anitra & Jud!)

temperature outside: 1 degree celsius
(33 degrees fahrenheit for my American readers)

odometer reading at destination: 84448 km

singing Christmas songs all the way to work: PRICELESS

I am so ready for a snow day!

(I am trying Anitra's challenge of blogging everyday, so if you haven't been here in awhile, scroll down to see all the little jewels from my exciting life that you have missed!!)


shaniqua said...

i would just like to say that i've seen 2 dead deer since moving to my new location. and one of them was very much in the MIDDLE of the road. so THERE!!!
and the other one, it was on the side. with a big white X on it!

Kristi said...

wow, I think it is warmer here than it is there! wowsers!

Kayli said...

Hi, I just thought I'd let you know that I came to catch up on your blog. It was cute and made me laugh. I liked your pet peeves post. I hate gum. Even if I can't see or hear people chew it I STILL don't want them to have it anywhere near me. I also hate kids toothpaste which invariably smells like bubblegum. But-I let my kids use it even though it makes me gag because they brush their teeth with it because they think it's good.
I also thought your favorite things party was a cool idea.
Hmm, what else? That was a pretty sweet picture of Kristi.
Awesome deal on your free turkey. I am mad too that I am far away from family because my mom always has a Canadian Thanksgiving as well as American. I am lucky though, because my sister lives in Chicago so we can get together this year (on the American one, since that's when the kids don't have school).
Oh, and I thought it was hilarious that your new reply will be "Thanks, tell your friends." Had to read that one to my husband cause it was funn-y.
Anyway, that's about enough from me, just thought I'd say hi.

Kim said...

I'm really enjoying your blog!!!