Sunday, October 7, 2007

I am thankful for...

1) free turkeys. Yup! I got my Canadian Thanksgiving turkey free... in the land of the free and the home of the brave. I was excited when Harris Teeter had Turkeys on sale this week- perfect timing as I was planning to have a Canadian Thanksgiving feast with my American friends. So I went on Friday after work... but couldn't find them anywhere. I asked the meat guy. I asked the cashier. I asked the customer service guy. Nope. No turkeys. They said they would write me a raincheck as they usually get them in November. Ummm... I need it for Sunday... it's Canadian Thanksgiving. (Everyone should know THAT!) So the guy wrote me a raincheck anyways and put the price as free. HI! Then a lady continued to call all the nearby Harris Teeters to see if they had any turkeys for me. She found me one and said it would be waiting for me tomorrow. I went Saturday morning and got my free turkey. It is a beast. 22 pounds. Regularly $26, on sale for $16, purchased for $0.
(Ain't it a beaut? It was seriously HUGE. Lots of leftovers!)

2) so I guess I am thankful for Harris Teeter too. It really is a great store. They don't have the conveyor belts at the cash registers. You just put your cart next to the cashier and they do all the work. And they are always so friendly too. AND I love that they tell you how much you saved on every purchase.

3) American friends who will celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with me. I am sure the fact that they would be eating turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls and dessert had nothing to do with it.

(here is my roomie Elaine and I going for the wish bone...with Viddy chowing down in the kitchen- he was nice enough to de-meat the Turkey for me!!)

4) my family. I love and miss them soooo much. This is my 11th thanksgiving (in a row) away from home. It makes me sad to think that they are all together eating my favorite foods and talking and laughing. But I am happy that I have them for eternity. And that they talk to me on the phone LOTS.

5) my job. Even though there are days that I want to quit and never talk to another 12-14 year old again (other than my cute nieces & nephews of course) I do love it. I love watching a VERY awkward or cool boy learn how to sew his very own pair of shorts and then be so excited to wear them that he puts them on over his jeans and wears them ALL day.

6) my car. How grateful I am for my car. I owned my first car for 2 years. It had a total of 5 major issues in those 2 years. How I loved Herb though. But Norm (my current car) I have been together 2 years, driven him from Edmonton to Virginia twice now and have had to do nothing but fix the cruise control. Thanks Norm. Keep up the good work.

7) General Conference. I love the amazing people to speak and the wonderful things they have to say. I was bawling when Elder Nelson went and stood by Elder Wirthlin when he was shaking. They are amazing men (and women) and I am so grateful to be a member of a church that has a prophet and apostles and the opportunity to hear their words so often.

8) TV. I shouldn't have such a worldy thought after a spiritual one but.... I am grateful for TV. The good shows of course, not the schmut. Did anyone watch Pushing Daisies? I really liked it and pretty much am hooked. It better last. I also am grateful for Beauty & the Geek, the Office, and all the other fabulous shows that entertain me. I will be grateful for Lost and Amazing Race when they start up again.

9) my parents. And the things they have taught me. Like how to clean a bathroom... and when. And how to check the air in my tires, how to use plastic wrap (I had a student who had no idea what to do with it), how to sew, how to cook (even though I still have to call home for help!), how to spend money wisely, how to drive, how to talk to people, how to work, how to chew gum properly (my BIGGEST pet peeve- on a side note- I was in a dressing room yesterday and I could hear a lady chomping on her gum. It took all that was in me to not ask her to stop chewing like a cow- it's the teacher curse), how to not yell at people in public, how to read, the importance of prayer, scripture study, going to church and the temple, how to buy enough fabric to cover north America (thanks Mom! I am trying to catch up to your fabric stash), how to be independent but still rely on people when really needed, how to serve. I could go on and on. Thanks Mom and Dad for EVERYTHING. I love you!

10) prayer. And the blessing we have to do it freely. I am grateful for a Heavenly Father who listens to me and blesses me. There have been times when I really just need someone to talk to. Everyone I call isn't home and I feel so alone. But Heavenly Father is always there. I am grateful he doesn't slap me and tell me to grow up or smarten up but he loves me and answers my prayers in the best way for me.

11) the 3 people who read my blog. Or at least the 3 people who comment on my blog. I have heard rumors that there are more of you out there. I hope you don't find this too terribly boring. I try to make it as exciting as I can but when you live a dull life like me, it is challenging. But something exciting is bound to happen so stay tuned...


Andrea said...

ahhh... what a great list of things. Love it! and I don't think you live a boring life at all. It's very exciting. Now my life.. boring.
Cute about the boy wearing his shorts. Maybe I need to come back for some grade 8 sewing lessons.

Mikaela said...

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! I can't wait to hear how your food all turned out. I'm sure it was delicious!


oh, and btw, i sent you the card before i saw this post. so i remembered it was thanksgiving! hehe

Kristi said...

I must be the third person! heehee. We do have great parents, huh? hope your turkey was good. ours was so small. no leftovers for me to take home :(.

Anitra said...

i am thankful for canadian friends, who celebrate canadian thanksgivings, and invite me.

jill said...

I got to go to your great parents hose for leftovers so no big yummy meal with family and friends for me!
I think you should be thankful for your HAIR since it is the nicest in the family.