Saturday, October 13, 2007

Halloween Swap

I found out about this swap from my sister and having never done a swap, but always wanting too, I gave it a try. I didn't do so well buying for my lovely swapee. It is hard buying stuff for someone you do not know. But my swaper was fabulous and sent me all of this fabulous stuff... What a gal! The towel and cute ghost soap are in position and ready to be used.
Now I just need to think of the perfect Halloween costume. I want to make a costume that I can wear again and again. I really wish my school would dress up for Halloween... maybe my next one will. Any fun costume suggestions?


Andrea said...

cute stuff you got.
I need a costume too. I'm thinking a witch, or a vampire. Something easy, but fun? Let me know what you think of.

Kristi said...

you got your package already? lucky you. nice goods! not bad at all! can't wait for mine. I need something too. hmm. I always think I'll pick up something after halloween, but usually there is not much left. I should sew a good one that will last forever! I have a hippy get up I bought last year. that might have to do!

jill said...

Hey freaky girls...I sewed a mummy costume years ago and I klove it, but have never had to wear it again...soo if anyone needs to borrow!

I love ya.