Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another Birthday tribute....

To my Mom and Dad! My Dad's birthday was on the 14th and my Mom's special day is today!! So they will get to share their birthday tribute.

Why I love my Mom and Dad:
*they are the BEST parents EVER!
*they help me whenever I am in need.
*they haven't changed the locks... yet.
*they let me come home every Christmas and summer.
*they let me take funny pictures of them -like this one at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia (it makes me laugh so hard. I LOVE it.)
*my Mom has driven from Edmonton to Virginia with me TWICE. (I personally think she does it for all the shopping...)
*they have put up with me for 28 years and are willing to put up with me for eternity.
*my Mom AND Dad have driven & flown out to Virginia to see TWICE!
*and gone with me on road trips to NYC, Boston, Maine, my mission (Eastern Canada), Nauvoo.
*they admit that I am their favorite daughter!!!
*they support me in everything I do.
*they make me laugh.
*they have taught me soo much.
*they are great examples.
*they are hard workers.
*they are faithful.
*they have the cutest grandkids EVER!
*they are going to serve a mission somewhere exotic so I can come visit!!
*they have the hippest hairstyles in all of North America (click on the picture below to see a better view)

I LOVE YOU Mom and Dad!!!
Hope your Birthday's were Happy!


Kristi said...

are you sure they admitted you are their favorite? okay, alright, we all know it's true. but they are great parents!

shaniqua said...

i love your moms hair. does her hairstylist travel? i'd love to get the same 'do.

Andrea said...

whatever. I'm totally the favorite. Especially when the hair I do for them. Hilarious.